Plastics chemicals linked to diabetes in women; blacks and Hispanics most exposed

A group of chemicals found in household plastics and medical supplies is linked to higher rates of diabetes in women – up to double the rate for women with the highest levels, according to new research led by Harvard scientists.

Blacks and Mexican Americans and women living in poverty are exposed to the highest levels of some of these compounds, called phthalates. “It’s extremely likely that phthalates and other chemical contaminants will turn out to be a big part of the obesity and diabetes epidemic, but at this point we really don’t know how these chemicals are interacting with each other, or with the human body,” said Richard Stahlhut, a University of Rochester scientist who co-authored the study.


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3 responses to “Plastics chemicals linked to diabetes in women; blacks and Hispanics most exposed

  1. Take a few scary words like “chemicals,” “phthalates,” and “diabetes,” then mix with “linked,” “could,” and “may,” then throw in a connection with heroic-victim demographic groups and you have a recipe for an unending gravy-train of grants and self-promoting press releases.

    Good grief. 100% of deaths of all demographics can be “linked” to consumption of water and breathing of air. Only the persistence of a poorly educated public allows this kind of hogwash to continue.

  2. techgm above is generally right except in his confidence in education. My observation is that the more people are educated, the dumber they get. Anti-vaccines nuts and organic food enthusiasts tend to be better educated.

    I think the reason for this is that the bulk of education consists of accepting facts from presumed authority. Syllogistic reasoning is not required. I tried so hard to explain to a computer programmer where I worked why privatizing Social Security can not work – the reserves would be greater than the value of the United States. She finally got it when she came across a statement by the Concord Coalition saying so. And I remember the frustration of explaining the invalidity of the WMD arguments in 2002.

    For almost all time on Earth of Humans, keeping up with and on good terms with a group was essential, not doing well on SAT tests. Conformance was selected for and we are more packs of dogs than thinking societies. (See the Penn State Affair where people were destroyed by community madness. The evidence of wrongdoing isn’t there.)

  3. I’m just glad poor white men are immune.

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