That’d be right – logging needed to protect… Northern Spotted Owl

Oh, this is rich. After using the damned owl to decimate logging and virtually kill the industry it turns out “logging, thinning, or other fuel reduction activities in areas with high fire risk would be more than offset by improved forest health and fire-resistance characteristics, the scientists said, which allow more spotted owl habitat to survive in later decades“.

The northern spotted owl, a threatened species in the Pacific Northwest, would actually benefit in the long run from active management of the forest lands that form its primary habitat and are increasingly vulnerable to stand-replacing fire, researchers conclude in a recent study.

Well no spit Sherlock! Plenty of us pointed out at the time that greenies were simply using the rotten bird to wreck lives and livelihoods in lumber towns for no reason other than to screw people. Wake up to the fact “environmentalism” is simply a synonym for “misanthropy”.

Pluck the owl! Get on with harvesting the resource.

5 responses to “That’d be right – logging needed to protect… Northern Spotted Owl

  1. Reblogged this on The Grey Enigma and commented:
    I think the top of my head just blew off! Arrrrrggggghhh!!!! GE.

  2. As Coach Springer said:

    “Regulation is Innuit for eradication.”

  3. Obviously you folks know less about logging that you do about climate change. Please try to draw a distinction between clear-cutting and selective harvesting. One is bad for the environment, one not so much.

    Wake up to the fact that “environmentalism” is simply a synonym for “survival”.

    • Actually Harold clear cutting is the better option environmentally, providing the same habitats of temporary meadow and regrowth scrub followed by emergent tall timber that nature provides via lightening burns, land slips, beaver meadows … . It’s a bit like when an Amazonian forest giant falls, from the near desert that existed beneath its shade new life springs abundant – until the life-giving sunlight is blocked once more.

      And “environmentalism is exactly not about survival – for everyone. It is elitism of the worst order and intolerable.

  4. Ever seen a photograph of Yosemite Valley in the late 1800’s, before the (currently installed EPA indoctrinated computer jockey) Forest Service and Sierra Club were there to save it from humans? Back in the day when the indigenous Indians burned it every fall to encourage spring growth, and it avraged 70 tall trees per acre. Now it looks like a weed choked garden, that once a real fire starts will take 100 years to regrow because of soil glazing from the massive fire intensity. Clueless Red led college taught greenies have no answer, except fire burns downhill because of gravity (I heard it myself from a U.C. Riverside PhD).

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