Upset about Smart Meters

One woman in Houston is.

7 responses to “Upset about Smart Meters

  1. Whatever you do is guaranteed to upset some people somehere. There is no universally good thing. If I were the gas company, I would simply deny service to these folks, if allowed to do so by regulators. Serving them is unlikely to be profitable.

    • Ben of Houston

      Gene, some things to consider.
      1: Electrical service is a government-enforced monopoly. You can chose who generates your electricity, but not who delivers it to your home. They cannot simply say “I won’t” and go to a competitor
      2: Despite this effectively being a government company, no vote or other feedback mechanism was employed to get approval by stakeholders
      3: Despite the fact that these are cost-saving measure, we are paying approximately 10 times the cost for these via an additional state-approved fee on our electric bills.

  2. You might want to reexamine your stand on the smart meter/smart grid.
    It is not secure and never can be made so.,2,2041
    Remember, it is being put in place because of the global warming scam, but it is more sinister than that:
    CIA Head: We Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances
    Global information surveillance grid being constructed; willing Americans embrace gadgets used to spy on them

  3. “When the worker began physically pushing Taormina out of the way in an effort to install the smart meter, Taormina drew her gun and demanded the worker leave the property.”

    Pushing her is battery. She should file a police complaint against the worker; the worker should be fired.

  4. Private property no longer exists: everyone is renting from the government, which for all practical intents owns everything.

    So if the gov wants to install a camera in your bedroom, who are you to disagree? The word is ‘serf’: that is the reality.

    I am however sure that you could perhaps pay a penalty (sorry, tax), if you really don’t want a camera in your bedroom. Of course, the camera in the toilet is penalized independently. Each toilet, really: the one your children uses will cost you more, since the gov has the duty to make sure you don’t abuse them.

    If you think that I am exaggerating, I have one word for you: TSA.

  5. “Electrical service is a government-enforced monopoly. ”
    Bless your heart, I think you forgot a whole lot.
    It’s not a government enforced monopoly, it’s a government regulated monopoly. All the rules apply to the electric utility, not to the consumer.
    If you think that’s a bad idea, think of how it would be if the government weren’t protecting your interests. Or do you have enough faith that you don’t think they would charge you all that they could?

    Judy, paranoia isn’t a solution. It’s not a huge scheme, it’s basically a side effect of putting computers and/or radios in all our possessions.
    Your car can tell your insurance company how you drive.
    Your power meter can tell if you are home or out.
    Your phone is a spy.
    Refrigerator, stove, water heater, they all communicate.
    The people who sell you these gadgets usually can access them.
    The CIA can too, and so can hackers.
    I’d almost rather have NSA snoop than have some slacker 14 year old playing with my oven. But either is likely.

    • Harold, I don’t know what high-tech world you live in, but none of the basic appliances in my house have internet access. The electrical system cannot be used to control these things remotely unless they are specially designed, and I haven’t even been shown anything like that by salesmen. If you are being sarcastic, I really cannot tell.

      And I refuse to purchase GM products with On Star for this very reason (and the fact that their cars of pieces of junk, but that’s irrelevant to this discussion)

      Finally, my point is that there was no choice or feedback in this matter. Nor is there a fallback other than lawsuits (which would be near-impossible to win) or removing yourself from the electrical grid. Arguing over semantics is pointless.

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