Many GenXers are disengaged, doubtful or dismissive of climate change

From the Chronicle

Many GenXers are disengaged, doubtful or dismissive of climate change

7 responses to “Many GenXers are disengaged, doubtful or dismissive of climate change

  1. Gives me hope. Maybe the next generation will actually try to solve real problems and leave this in the dustbin where it belongs. Its not as if they wont have plenty of real problems to choose from.

  2. And I thought there was no hope for generation X

  3. We got by quite well without “climate science” for millenia.

    What of value has “climate science” produced?

  4. I wouldn’t hold up gen-X apathy as a positive in any case, but once you make an informed decision about something, often the news you hear about it later is ignored as part of the noise of day-to-day business. I would guess that is why there are three times as many people who consider themselves informed as there are people who actively follow the subject.

    I can’t help but laugh at adamdruit’s portrayal of the climate debate as NASA vs Fox News. The sources of information people most often encounter are stories fraught with alarmist claims that either don’t pan out or are not relevant to the near future, so it doesn’t surprise me that people ignore them whether they believe in anthropogenic warming or not. The media has cried wolf too many times.

  5. For more hopeful feedback, take a gander at the comments after this was posted in the Houston Chronicle by Eric Berger aka SciGuy:

  6. Coach Springer

    Lack of understanding is a double-edged sword. At least all the alarming isn’t registering on the “I could give a damn” scale because it doesn’t ring immediate or all that true coming from Al Gore and his Elmer Gantrys of climate preaching one way and acting the other. At the same time, hot or cold weather can change the way the wind blows.

    Alternatively, increase their understanding level some and you might have an alarmist schooled in the talking points and tactics who is sensitive to only hot weather.

    A more complete understanding would be that we don’t understand how climate works, but it seems pretty normal for now even though its changes are unpredictable. Which still leaves us with the problem of catastrophic belief in atonement for unrepentant ecological sin.

  7. I’m only just in the office (I live in Australia) and obviously late to this party, er thread. I’d like to jump in on adamdruit‘s opening statement here if I may.

    So you’re proposing that blissful ignorance is the best way to go because we can’t fully understand the nuance and scope of a problem?

    Here’s another perspective. The only consistently claimed result of the industrial development that underwrites modern society are claims of up to 0.8°C global mean temperature increase since 1750. Meh… more than fair exchange for multimedia entertainment, supermarket convenience and climate controlled personal environments. The claims of looming potential harms in [some number of lifetimes] are based on PlaySation® climatology and, as my youngest says, he’s killed thousands in glorious 3D simulation but so what – it’s not real Dad. My father was in Ballistics and Telemetry (basically maintaining communications with post-launch rockets) at Woomera and recalls the effort to profile atmospheric water vapor and climatic effects beginning in earnest in 1968.

    Guess what? The youngsters are right. We can’t find physical evidence of the feared water vapor feedback that underlies the claims of disastrous enhanced greenhouse warming and Lord knows a great deal of research money and effort has been expended trying to do so.

    From their perspective a bunch of frightened and simulation-superstitious oldies want to trash the energy supply and make everything more expensive because of what is essentially a computer game with zero empirical support. When questioned over what-ifs the response is that then they are going to need all the cheap energy they can get to protect themselves so either way don’t mess with the energy supply.

    Disengaged? Not really. Just not worried about something they consider neither certain nor likely and best dealt with by development and lots of electricity if it ever eventuates anyway.

    Global warming? Meh…

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