Tim Blair: It’s a hit!

Behold the creation of a beautiful new phrase:

At the state’s largest wind farm at Woolnorth in the island’s north-west, 19 wedge-tailed eagles are known to have been killed since it began operations in 2003. Another three sea eagles also have hit the rotors …

This could be the “turned pear-shaped” or “went belly-up” of our age. Consider the possible applications:

• “My first marriage hit the rotors four years ago, after she caught me with her sister.”

• “The Labor government hit the rotors when it introduced a carbon tax.”

• “A financial analyst said that Fairfax’s restructuring wasn’t resonating with investors, and that the company had officially hit the rotors.”

Sydney Telegraph

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One response to “Tim Blair: It’s a hit!

  1. Coach Springer

    I’ll give it 4 stars for usability. Most everyone is familiar with “hit the fan.” “Hit the rotors” could imply epic fail – hitting the big fan.

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