Bolivia announces the “end of Coca Cola and capitalism” for December 21

Bolivia announces the “end of Coca Cola and capitalism” for December 21  Mercopress

December 21, the austral summer solstice, will mark the end of Coca Cola and capitalism and the start of a new cosmic era of community spirit and love, announced Bolivia’s Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca.

According to the “long counting” Maya calendar on 21 December 2012 will be the end of a civilization and the beginning of another one that implies spiritual transition towards a new cosmic conscience.

The first of the seven Mayan prophecies says that on that day humanity will have to choose between disappearing as a thinking species which threatens to destroy the planet, or evolve towards the harmonic integration with the entire universe.

Choquehuanca made the announcements during a ceremony next to President Evo Morales and Vice-president Alvaro García in which a contract was signed to construct an airport in Copacabana, the main Catholic sanctuary of Bolivia, 120 kilometres west of La Paz.

Right….. How are they building the airport, just think “cosmic aeroplane”?

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6 responses to “Bolivia announces the “end of Coca Cola and capitalism” for December 21

  1. Aw…..another lunie tells it like it is!

  2. Life’s losers and incompetents are always looking forward to The New Age of Utopia. In the mean time the pontificators are busy exporting the country’s wealth into private Cayman Islands bank accounts as the citizens starve to death on socialism’s “successes”.

    I am beginning to think there are intellectual differences that crop up as evoluntionary steps and that “old” humans like the Central/South Americans and Africans never made the shift upwards that Western European stock did. While we’ve all had our wars and other stupidities, look at who keeps adding to human progress in terms of health and food and making life easier and longer to live.

    • It’s cultural, and not genetic.

      Roman and British imperialism spread much knowledge and culture across the globe. Many countries were not lucky enough to be invaded.
      For example, the poor Russians missed out on the Renaissance and the Reformation.

  3. I betcha Coca-Cola is bigger than Bolivia.

  4. The vast majority of Bolivians are already destitute. This is a plan to keep them that way – and to insure that the relative handful who are not get even more wealth to squander.

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