Global warming is not just a scientific issue, but a class issue

And we all thought it was about “The Science”. This article from the International Marxist Tendency, gives the low-down on how Marxists see “Global Warming”.  Strangely, the sentiments are not dissimilar to those coming from the UN, EPA head Lisa P Jackson and Socialist International.

 Global Warming: a Marxist perspective
The impacts of global warming fall disproportionately on the poor. The effects will manifest themselves in lots of ways: more expensive foods, a shortage of water, less fertile soil, and more extreme weather. Those who will suffer (and already are suffering) as a result are ordinary working and middle class people, peasant farmers – in short, everyone except the super-rich, who can always up sticks and move to a more pleasant climate.

With the very real threat of global warming and the environmental crisis we can say, without fear of being alarmist, that the choice is stark:  Socialism or Extinction. 

 Now I’m struggling……

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4 responses to “Global warming is not just a scientific issue, but a class issue

  1. Marxism is about class struggle. Everything is viewed thru that prism. Doesn’t matter the topic.

  2. The bolded statement is in fact a no-brainer: indeed, [t]he impacts of global warming fall disproportionately on the poor. So do impacts of earthquakes, winter cold, floods, storms, or any natural phenomena. Since it has been demonstrated beyond doubt that the now past global warming has been a natural phenomenon, the above “insight” is really irrelevant.
    However, the profits of activities to supposedly mitigate anthropogenic global warming – “green” subsidies, carbon trading, CCS, etc. – accrue mainly to the rich, while the costs – e.g., carbon taxes – impact mainly on the poor. The conclusion should really be that mitigation of the bogus anthropogenic global warming as amply supported by alarmists further transfers societal wealth from the poor to the rich and thereby increases wealth disparity. Now THAT would necessitate a completely different conclusion, wouldn’t it?

  3. I’ve heard politicians blabbering that it is ‘national security’ issue. The possible ramifications of this excuse are scary.

  4. Global warming is a class issue. Practically since the dawn of the humanity, people have dealt with evironmental problems by moving to places where conditions are better. That’s why we weren’t all born in Africa.

    With the advent of modern nations with controlled borders , however, your ability to move to another part of the world is related to how much money you have. Nations tend to want their immigrants to be educated, skilled and self-supporting

    Have you ever moved from one country to another? I have, and I can tell you that having money (and an education that often comes from having money) can make a big difference regarding whether on not you get in – the more money, the better.

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