Main Market first in Spokane to carry Non-GMO labeled food

Hmm… judging by that headline most US food labels are genetically modified. We don’t grow food labels down-under but generally print them on paper or plastic. Innovative, those ‘muricans.

The old adage ‘You are what you eat’ could—unfortunately these days—be the title of a new horror movie, based on the increasingly non-fictional premise that our eating habits are actually consuming us.

The storyline would follow our nation as the majority of us start to resemble walking lab experiments, artificial genes having been injected without our knowledge, re-programming our DNA with new properties. Instead of “human,” we are now considered genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs, for short.

Sound a tad far-fetched? Maybe, but it’s exactly what has been increasingly happening to our food supply for decades, as we’ve often been kept in the dark about what exactly we’re eating.


The article wasn’t all that illuminating after all, save telling us that there are some extremely superstitious consumers out there.

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One response to “Main Market first in Spokane to carry Non-GMO labeled food

  1. GMOs can “cause or exacerbate social and economic problems.”

    “The corn made me do it.”

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