Roland Seguin: Climate-Change Dogma Full-Circle

‘Global Warming’ never happened so the eco-saviors changed the name to ‘Climate Change’. Since that became stale and nobody outside the religion is buying it, so the UN’s Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, changed emphasis again for the big party, now it’s back to that tired old buzz phrase “Sustainable Development”.

45,300 delegates attended Rio+20 from 180 nations, (imagine the cost never mind the carbon footprint on the planet they are all there to save). Most delegates are public sector funded bureaucrats, etc, representing…’us’! Private sector attends these junkets to solicit ‘taxpayer subsidy commitments’ from …’us’, for their hyped up green products that can’t make it on their own merits.

Even Oxfam declared this years Earth Summit extravaganza “a hoax that achieved nothing”.

Our impressionable youth have been propagandized and indoctrinated to the latest bandwagon cycle of global warming/climate change however some of us who have been around the block a few times remember when the same program of pseudo-scientists scheming for research grants were colluding to bee-ess our intelligence with fears of planet cooling. When it comes to paychecks and professorships, the pseudo’s will give you the bad news science they preconditioned you to hear, after all they wouldn’t get more funding unless they made dire predictions, then devise magic solutions in search of new enviro problems. No surprise that it was quite easy to ego-stroke the do-gooder ‘grant money foundations’ and politicians of yesteryears as they were only too happy to exchange taxpayers dollars for gaia-savior votes.

Global Warming/Cooling fear mongering is nothing new, there are hundreds of past mainstream media articles such as follows:


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One response to “Roland Seguin: Climate-Change Dogma Full-Circle

  1. LuisaDownUnder

    Whether it’s “sustainable development” or some other catch phrase, the problem with the Rio+20 were the secret meetings and deals done in order to advance Agenda 21.
    I am hoping that Lord Monchton’s secret assignations to these various meetings, along with his clever moles, slash open this life-sucking agenda.

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