Rio green summit dismissed as ‘hoax that achieved nothing’

The UN’s Rio Plus 20 summit on sustainable development ended yesterday amid a torrent of criticism from environment and development campaigners, who said the colossal, three-day international meeting had achieved nothing.

More than 50,000 policymakers, environmentalists and business leaders from around the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the celebrated “Earth Summit”. But in contrast to the 1992 meeting, which saw the signature of the important UN treaties on climate change and biodiversity, Rio Plus 20 led to no agreements which would make any difference to the world, campaigners said.

Instead, they alleged that the final document, entitled “The Future We Want”, was merely a set of platitudes with no targets or timetables for action to spur green growth, which is the sustainable development objective.

“Rio will go down as the hoax summit. They came, they talked, but they failed to act,” said Barbara Stocking, the chief executive of Oxfam.


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2 responses to “Rio green summit dismissed as ‘hoax that achieved nothing’

  1. we have mexico with 60k killings of innocent people and daily killings of their citizens and these idiots are spending our tax dollars on these summits
    i believe just for pleasure. why don’t these nations take care of their garbage first before trying to clean up other peoples garbage. what a big hoax. Obie knows this, trying to save his ass for re=election…

  2. Not only was Rio+20 a sham, it was obvious going in that it was a very unpopular and silly little sham. There isn’t enough wealth left in the “wealthy” countries to safely “redistribute” it to all those with their hands out, and still leave any capital to create more. When even someone as “green” and anti-human growth as BHO knows how unpopular and absurd the whole scam is and stays away, its a commentary on how fast the public at large is waking up.

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