Doctors Want Soda Taxes To Fund Government Meddling

American Medical Association Vote Encouraging Soda Taxes For Big-Government Condemned:

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3 responses to “Doctors Want Soda Taxes To Fund Government Meddling

  1. Government meddling will continue. They’ll just borrow the money to pay for it.

  2. I can only believe that the AMA wants a piece of the Tyranny Pie.
    That is the only thing I can think of that could cloud the thinking of highly educated people into believing that (A) Bigger Government is Good for Everybody (or at least, won’t hurt *them*), and (B) revenues collected by the government always go to the Nominally Declared Purpose, rather than being poured into the same ‘General Fund’ that us used to raise pork.

  3. The AMA endorsed Obamacare. That is the mark of what the organization and its leadership are, and what we can expect of them. (And, judging from what the physicians I know have confided, the AMA does not represent a majority.)

    So long as healthcare is controlled and/or “paid for” by government, government will assert its power to control what we may consume and how much, what activities we may engage in, etc., since these things directly affect the amount, type, and cost of the care required to maintain health. We will have traded liberty for slavery, in exchange for the illusion of assured reduced risk, lower cost, and better health.

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