I’m not worried about sea levels, says climate change expert

Meh… Lovelock’s long been a climate panicker but I’m not too convinced about the “expert” part, anymore than I am regarding Pachauri.

Climate change expert James Lovelock, who once predicted the death of billions of humans due to global warming, has now performed a remarkable u-turn to criticise the green movement as a “religion” using “guilt” to forward their cause.

The 92-year-old now says he is “not worried about sea-level rises”, which he believes will rise two foot a century “at worst”, and complains “the green religion is now taking over from the Christian religion”.
He said wind farms were “ugly and useless”, instead supporting nuclear power and fracking, arguing Britain should be “going mad” on methane.

Professor Lovelock is most famous for his Gaia theory, formulated in the 1960s to explain the Earth’s environment as a regulating organism to sustain life.

The theory has been the foundation of many of the beliefs around climate change and energy production.
In an interview with the Guardian, Prof Lovelock has now said he had become more of “a thinker” since retiring from practising science, and is now moving to a seaside home in Dorset.


3 responses to “I’m not worried about sea levels, says climate change expert

  1. Silberstein, Jek

    “Me, I don’t…Me, I don’t…Nah, Nah, Nah,…I don’t Care!” –Check-out the tidal charts in use by Navigators the World over. NO CHANGE…(–except maybe the TIME of a tide…). So even sailors should know that Man-caused climate-change, is a sack of Piss!

  2. Wise men do not become fools overnight.
    Conservatives do not become liberals overnight.
    Skeptics do not become believers overnight.
    Empirical scientists do not become social advocates overnight.

  3. Considering that most of the 3mm per year claimed for sea level rise is an “adjustment” to the data, and not actual rise, it would seem that we won’t see much of a problem in the immediate future. If Mr. Lovelock happens to live to be 200, maybe he’ll see a couple of inches of change in sea levels, but then again there are a myriad of ways in which local sea levels change, which have nothing to do with there being significantly more or less water in the oceans.

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