Does the marketing of organic food lead to bad behaviour? via @food_ethics

“Is labelling foods as “organic” a positive thing or not? The Environmental Working Group, for example, certainly thinks so. To support this notion, the EWG has just released its annual “dirty dozen” list, consisting of fruits and veggies that are especially high in pesticide residue.” writes Chris MacDonald.

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7 responses to “Does the marketing of organic food lead to bad behaviour? via @food_ethics

  1. One would have to have a death wish to go vegetarian!

  2. Organic is a scam, where are the bodies from non organic food?

  3. Ben of Houston

    Dare I ask what they could possibly mean by “viewing organic foods, comfort foods, and control foods”?

    I’ve seen more robust analysis from people claiming psychic energy benefits from swords.

  4. I find that, in many instances, the “organic” produce tastes better and is delivered to market closer to peak ripeness. I tip my hat to the nutjobs who pretend it is somehow superior because, without them, we probably wouldn’t as readily have the option to by the better tasting stuff.

    Now,if they try to make me buy it, they’ll have to deal with my fist attaching itself to their face. But so far at least, it’s a welcome option in our diverse economy.

  5. To chute_me: Thank you for a reasoned and reasonable response.

  6. I like it when manufacturers label their food ‘organic’. It helps me know to avoid buying their stuff.

    I am being truthful about this. Because of the unethical behaviour of so called environmentalists I would not buy products they endorse. How many Africans have died of malnutrition related disease because of ethanol policy causing food prices to rise? How many birds have died because of wind turbines?

    • Same here. But my concern is with bug dung or whatever else is on the food. I like what chemicals do.
      I don’t trust organic food.

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