Diesel exhaust fumes can cause cancer, WHO says

 LONDON (Reuters) – Diesel engine exhaust fumes can cause cancer in humans and belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, arsenic and mustard gas, World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said on Tuesday.

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8 responses to “Diesel exhaust fumes can cause cancer, WHO says

  1. Most substances taken in sufficient quantities can be’ potentially deadly’, like water, as it causes drowning if inhaled. I consider anything from the U.N., propaganda.

    Couldn’t access the link.

    • Water causes death if you drink too much too fast. They have no facts to back up that claim.
      Show me the cancer cases.

  2. While I’d suggest against sucking directly on the pipe, like so many things that the “precautionary principle” inveighs against, diesel exhaust is only harmful if you happen to be stupid around it.

  3. Ben of Houston

    Considering that diesel consists of a large variety of hydrocarbons including numerous aromatics (benzene derivatives), yes, I agree that it can cause cancer in sufficient doses, especially with poor engines without catalytic converters. I believe that observation to be obvious.

    However, the rest of the article’s introduction is pure hyperbole that I feel stupider for reading, and I feel no desire to read further.

  4. Presumably WHO is basing its scares on uncontrolled observational trials in populations subjected to numerous confounding factors; and statistically-insignificant results.

    Just because Placebos have proven to be the most effective in clinical trials, doesn’t mean that they are an effective treatment.

  5. Agreed with all. It would seem that if it were true, there would be an inordinant amount of cancer among truck drivers.

  6. They just won’t stop trying to kill economic activity will they.

  7. Reading anything published by the WHO is known to cause the death of brain cells.

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