Daily Mail: Poisoned By Plastic

Chemicals in water bottles and food packaging have been linked to infertility and birth defects. Scaremongering, or the truth?

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4 responses to “Daily Mail: Poisoned By Plastic

  1. Alice Cheshire

    Why is there not a similar campaign against disposable diapers. “Evidence” was found years ago (in at least one sturdy) that said diapers contribute to male infertility. And they fill landfills. Just because your child doesn’t ingest the diaper doesn’t mean that years of wearing toxic plastic next to his skin won’t poison him. Yes, it’s scaremongering to a large degree, but if you really cared about your child, wouldn’t you do everything to keep him safe, no matter irrational? It’s the Hollywood way! So toss those evil plastic diapers and protect your child!

  2. How many times will the media recycle this rubbish? If you want a plastic-free life, have at it. Go for it. Knock yourself out. (Actually, that sounds like a good idea.) But take a few crazies’ word that plastic kills you? No thanks.

    The problem here is that some people have (1) no sense of history, (2) no sense of proportion, and certainly (3) no sense of logic. When I went to school (over 50 years ago), they used to teach these things. Now they’re politically incorrect. My grandson was getting bombarded by his teacher about global warming, forcing the class to watch Gore’s screed, etc. I gave him the facts from the data. He brought this up in class and his teacher belittled him, saying, “Just like a Republican.” But sometimes it works. My granddaughter was in a classroom discussion on the topic and said, “My grandfather is a scientist and he says…” There was a long pause and the discussion went on to a different topic.

  3. the studies were not done involving proper blind testing and/or plastic and certified non plastic populations of HUMANS. All this junk science is about rats and fish, neither of which are good analogs for humans. But then if you you visit this site you probably already know all that.

  4. My vote is scaremongering.

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