Clinton flies to Arctic Circle – ‘looks round’

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flew to Tromsoe in the Arctic Circle to see first hand the way climate change is opening a once frozen region to competition for vast oil reserves.

Experts here estimate the value of the Arctic’s untapped oil alone — not including natural gas and minerals — at $900 trillion, making it a huge prize for the five countries that surround the Arctic if they can reach it.

And with climate warming opening up some 46,000 kilometers a year that had once been bound in ice, the region is expected to burst open, not just with oil exploration but with East-West trade along a more accessible northern route.

“We believe strongly it’s important for the five principal Arctic nations to begin working together to make plans for what will almost certainly become greater ocean travel, greater exploration, therefore greater pollution, greater impact of human beings,” Clinton said.

The Arctic was a key subject of Clinton’s discussions in Oslo with Norwegian leaders who have been among the first to recognize the changing outlook for what they call the “high north.”

“I think we both feel we have a very important obligation to get ahead of that and to prepare for what is likely to come,” Clinton said at a news conference with Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere.


6 responses to “Clinton flies to Arctic Circle – ‘looks round’

  1. “Once frozen region”? I hope Hillery took he shovel with her. Maybe she can do what the oil companies conceded they can’t, drill through record thick ice.

  2. a year or so ago Hilary clinton asked the Swedish if they could borrow ice breakers for the Antarctic, the Swedish said no as they need them.

    She must have forgotten the letter she received back on this.

  3. Coach Springer

    If I could figure out how enviormental BS persists in the direct presence of contravening reality such as that mentioned by Ralph and Richard, I’d have the secret of tapping the power of anti-matter.

  4. Well at least she is going to look with her own eyes. If she actually will be looking at that what is she is told she is looking at is another matter. Snow and ice pretty much look the same over there.

  5. Where did she park her broom?

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