2 thoughts on “Claim: No Charges Filed Against Gleick”

  1. As if the FBI would release a memo such as this or any agent sign their name to such a letter.
    I notice that they all think it’s hilarious to steal private and personal emails and details about an organization’s members. They wouldn’t be laughing if someone had stolen their personal information in this manner.
    The Heartland Institute haven’t been losing donors at all. As for the billboard, I have no idea why it was received so badly. There was nothing wrong with their billboard which goes to show how delicate the system must think most Americans are.
    Grow some hair on your chest.

  2. Heartland botched this whole episode and continue to lose donors. They have had staff resign after their latest bone headed billboard “experiment”. Talk about clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. A thorough house cleaning is needed if Heartland is to regain any credibility, IMO.

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