B.C. parents with WiFi health fears vote to limit school networks

A group representing B.C. parents has voted in favour of two resolutions to limit WiFi technology in schools, reflecting the concerns of some parents that wired classrooms can pose health and safety risks to students.

While school boards are expected to discuss the votes, they are not binding and may have little impact, as many districts have already communicated with parents about the issue.

“As far as health or perceived health issues, we depend on the health authorities, the experts, to give us information on what the right practice is,” Surrey School District spokesman Doug Strachan said on Monday. “And certainly in Canada, the health experts are saying that WiFi is safe.

“So we’re proceeding that way.”

Surrey has received “sporadic” questions from parents about potential health impacts of WiFi networks and deals with those concerns on a case-by-case basis, Mr. Strachan said, adding that systems are tested and fall well below minimum emission guidelines.

Delegates to the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils passed two resolutions at their annual general meeting on May 26. One calls on school districts to have one school at each education level that is free of wireless connections, cordless phones and cellular phones. A second resolution calls on boards to stop installing wireless networks in schools where other technology is available.

Globe and Mail

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One response to “B.C. parents with WiFi health fears vote to limit school networks

  1. Eric Baumholer

    Reminds me of a situation some years back when Vatican Radio had to reduce its broadcasting power due to complaints by local residents over ‘electrosmog’.

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