Growing health concerns pit Queensland against the wind

A “GROWING body of evidence” that wind farm noise could have health effects has prompted Queensland Health to call for caution when approving wind farm developments.

Queensland Health has in effect become the first government health agency to recommend that wind turbines not be built within 2km of homes. In a letter to Tablelands Regional Council, Queensland Health’s director of environmental health, David Sellars, recommended a “precautionary approach” be taken to approval of the proposed $500 million Mount Emerald wind farm near Walkamin on the Atherton Tablelands.

The Mount Emerald application is for up to 80 wind turbine towers, nine of which are within 2km of houses.

Tablelands horticulturalist Steve Lavis said he would like a moratorium on wind farm projects until all noise and health issues had been worked out. Reported symptoms of so-called “wind turbine syndrome” include sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, a rapid heart rate and panic attacks.

The Australian

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4 responses to “Growing health concerns pit Queensland against the wind

  1. “Growing body of evidence”
    “Precautionary approach”

    Nice to see these phrases used AGAINST the greenies.

  2. Ben of Houston

    Still, junk science is junk science, and we should not support junk even when it is on our side. Though I am certain of the effects on birds and bats, and I would not be surprised at effects on insects. I am highly skeptical about any health effects on humans. The claims are very reminiscent of electromagnetic sensitivity.

    • Agreed. Skepticism is good.

      Noise complaints are ubiquitous. But, true, they could be imagined/made up. As I have never been near a wind turbine, I don’t know.

    • LuisaDownUnder

      On the contrary, when James Delingpole was in Australia just recently he visited a town in Victoria which has wind turbines built near it and there are documented ailments which are attributed to these.
      Many people have left the area because of health concerns once these turbines were up and running.
      The ‘wind turbine syndrome’ health effects were all noted by the remaining residents and the many families that have left the township.
      We cannot dismiss these claims simply because they are brought to our attention by ‘country folk’ These people are usually very resilient but when they are no longer able to continue their activities as before and their children become unwell, we should listen.
      These symptoms have been noted by many around the world, so these are not in isolation.

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