Irish Times: Republican Party too ‘wacko’ to still be considered mainstream

Hey, everyone needs a laugh. Here’s something to chuckle over:

Two prominent political scientists say the Grand Old Party has become more loyal to party than to country and is to blame for dysfunction in the US political system

THE REPUBLICAN presidential candidate Mitt Romney embraces the idea that climate change is a hoax.

His immigration policy is so extreme it’s been endorsed by Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the architects of Arizona’s law.

Allen West, a Republican representative from Florida, accused up to to 81 Democratic congressmen of being members of the Communist party. No one called him on it.

At a Republican primary debate last year, the audience cheered for the idea that an unemployed man who loses his medical insurance should be allowed to die.

These examples are cited by two prominent political scientists, Thomas Mann of the liberal Brookings Institution and Norman Ornstein of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, as evidence the Grand Old Party is no longer mainstream.

The GOP, they write, has become “an insurgent outlier – ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition”.

Irish Times

14 responses to “Irish Times: Republican Party too ‘wacko’ to still be considered mainstream

  1. I find that what the authors find objectionable is precisely the reason I will be voting for republicans again this year. Compromise of ones core principles is no virtue and the pursuit of vanquishing your opposition is no vice. A political party that uses broad stripes and bold colors in presenting its platform leaves little room for misunderstanding or deception and if chosen to lead the country again there will be no surprises as we have been forced to endure since the election of Il Duce Obama!

    • For goodness sake, Senator Pat Toomey led the charge to reject a technical rise in the US debt limit. That would have frozen international finance and likely thrown the world into a great depression. And do you really want to destroy Planned Parenthood?

      We have a substantial budget deficit, while rich folks and corporations are hording cash. That cash should be used for public projects and high income tax rates need to be raised.

      • For goodness sake, Senator Pat Toomey led the charge to reject a technical rise in the US debt limit. That would have frozen international finance and likely thrown the world into a great depression

        Sounds like the usual alarmism of the wacko-left. Now if we don’t try to control out of control Federal borrowing and spending the world is doomed. When does the US tax payer get a thank you note?

        And do you really want to destroy Planned Parenthood? – Why not? Why should the US tax payer subsidize this crap?

      • Rejecting a rise in the debt limit would be a good thing, and seeing as how Planned Parenthood specializes in genocide against the poor and the unborn, yea, I want to destroy that! Our debt won’t be relieved by raising taxes, their isn’t enough money to steal from the rich to pay for those who refuse to work.

      • “That would have frozen international finance and likely thrown the world into a great depression.”

        So what do you call this, a fantastic depression?

  2. guest-comment

    The Republican Party is wacko to appeal to the wacko American mainstream voters, and then they do what they want.. steal taxpayer money or help corporations who own them to steal it, which wacko mainstream republicans never notice.

    • Accusing Republicans of crony capitalism isn’t likely to carry much weight following the Obama Administration’s “stimulus” of Solyndra, et al :D

      • guest-comment

        The focus of the comment by the Irish Times is that the Republican image is off the deep end wacko! The Irish Times LISTS wacko ideas Republican politicians claim to support– assuming Republicans really are that mentally compromised, but I think Republicans are acting, merely broadcasting beliefs of mainstream voters who claim Republican identities – to get their votes. That’s the Republican Party strategy. Wacko George Bush! Wacko John McCain! Wacko politics!! ..stupid as foxes!The goal of politicians is to appeal to a block of people to get elected. It’s the republican populace that is wacko.
        Goals versus strategy! To see what the actual goals of Republican apparatchik are, you have to look at what they do (first Christian rule: look at what they do).
        BOTH parties are dependent on corporations to finance their campaigns. Politicians who make it to the elections are vetted, representing rich corporations; and you see what has been done since Reagan, rolling back regulations to enable financial institutions freedom from ethics; thus, to bundle unsecured loans and sell them worldwide, making a killing while the bottom of real estate drops out of sight, forcing the loss of millions of American homes, forcing banks and corporations into bankruptcy worldwide, causing a global depression; or look at what Romney did at Bain Capital, laying off multi-thousands of people, moving millions from the companies into his wallet before filing companies into bankruptcies.
        The other goal to eliminate ALL environment regulations enabling corporations, such as the Koch Brothers Industries, not to clean up their pollution and avoid accountability to the American people, putting the money into their own wallets while making all of us ill (i.e., their schtick: no global warming, a conspiracy theory, Scientists versus Christianity).
        You should be able to see that UNLESS you’re too busy loyally cheering or accusing the opposing ‘team.’ Rah!
        That’s the intellect of the mainstream republican wacko – mind deficit, loyal cheerleader for the team – which is just so amazing to the Irish press that anyone could POSSIBLY be THAT mentally compromised.
        So continue to avoid looking at what you’re supporting –so you can avoid asking what the Irish Press was thinking.

        • But Marilyn, the very definition of wacko is repeatedly performing the same actions and expecting a different outcome, e.g. Socialists thinking “it will work this time”. Republicans (as opposed RINOs) can generally be grouped as free market capitalists and, as such, object strenuously to the market deformations and crony capitalism which creates the financial havoc you mention.

          Neither do Republicans favor laissez-faire industry but you confuse misanthropic environmentalism with clean industry – I’d guess you are too young to remember industrial clean-up predates environmentalism, although enviros now fraudulently try to claim the mantle of “saviors”. The real heavy lifting was accomplished in the late 1940s and 1950s, largely to address such problems as London’s killer smogs. By the ’70s most of the older, dirtier industrial plants were reaching the end of their useful lifespans and being replaced by cleaner plants and processes, something that would actually be proceeding more quickly today were it not for greenie obstructionists. Regardless it is wealth generation which makes environmental protection affordable and desirable (people who lack basic nutrition, fuel and shelter can not view their environment as anything other than a source of calories and raw material). Capitalism is the only way to protect the planet and capitalism’s natural home is the center-right of politics – ground occupied by those “wacko” Republicans.

          Finally you appear to confuse carbon dioxide emission with “pollution”, something which demonstrates how truly indoctrinated you are. I hope you hang around, read and think – certainly further than “Republicans are wacko”.

  3. And this is Ireland saying this? Now I’m laughing!

  4. Why do liberals always assume that what they think is handed to them by the god they don’t believe in????

  5. Debbie Wasserman Schultz writes for Irish Times?

  6. The really sad part of the commentary is the blissful ignorance of the writer as to what the Republican party has been about in historical terms. The party is hardly defined by the likes GW, or John McCain. The republican party has always had at its base a capitalist free market philosophy that says the individual should be free to pursue his goals and to keep the profits of his labors. As opposed to the leftist philosophy that see the individual as one oxen in a long line of controlled cattle. Republicans view the state as a servant and the individual as sovereign, the opposite of socialists. Republicans look upon taxes as a necessary evil to pay for services while socialists look upon taxes as a method to force compliance with a philosophy and to “spread the wealth” earned by others, while maintaining an elitist upper class based on an assumed moral superiority with nothing to back up that assumption. Republicans believe in charity, socialists believe in entitlements. Republicans recognize the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of results.

  7. “Move on folks!” “ There be nothin’ t’ see here!” Both o’ me grandmothers be Irish. M’Dad sed they wuz both dumb as sled tracks. Guess he wuz right.

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