Rights group aims to stop killing of Canada GMO pigs

A U.S. animal rights group hopes to save a herd of genetically modified pigs from early deaths after funding dried up for a Canadian research project that has stoked controversy about altering animal genes to produce food.

Possible euthanization of the nine so-called Enviropigs, descendants of swine first bred 13 years ago by the University of Guelph in Ontario to lessen the environmental impact of pig waste, has drawn opposition from Farm Sanctuary, a New York state-based group that places abused animals in new homes.

“For the same reason, the university wouldn’t be euthanizing healthy puppies or kittens, they shouldn’t be killing these pigs,” said Bruce Friedrich, a senior official with Farm Sanctuary. “They have a moral responsibility to see that these animals lead out their lives being pigs.”

The Enviropig is one of a handful of research projects around the world that could engineer the first genetically modified animal for human consumption. But GMO plants and animals face tough scrutiny from regulators, with some consumers leery about unproven long-term health effects.

Trade repercussions could be considerable if genetically modified meat entered the food supply chain without government approval. Canada is the world’s third largest pork exporter.

“It would represent an unacceptable and irresponsible risk for the university to allow these transgenic animals to be under anyone else’s control … with the possibility that they could intermix with either feral or domesticated pigs, or even end up in the human food chain by accident,” wrote University of Guelph spokeswoman Lori Bona Hunt in a statement to Reuters. The university is located 90 km west (56 miles) of Toronto.

The university may not euthanize the pigs if it can find a new partner in the Enviropig project, Bona Hunt said, after an Ontario hog farmer group pulled its funding in March.


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2 responses to “Rights group aims to stop killing of Canada GMO pigs

  1. Eric Baumholer

    The university where these pigs were developed claims the pigs pose an “unacceptable and irresponsible risk”, whether they get into the food supply or not.

    This makes the research very nearly a criminal enterprise involving bioweapons, and requires that the pigs be shot on sight for the good of the planet.

    Bullstuff, of course, but there’s important information in the mix. Officials of the University of Guelph have been co-opted by the green Left and researchers there should consider moving their programs to the US.

    Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled scientists yearning to breathe free!

  2. I refuse to eat GMO if I can and I firmly believe we should NOT be genetically altering any animal or plant. However, I support allowing these pigs to live out their lives in peace but NOT breeding them for food! These animals are victims of genetic manipulation and as such they should be treated as any victim – not as monsters. this GMO thing has been going too far. The corn is causing cancer, organ damage (France study), GMO salmon is killing off normal salmon in the waters and now they’ve come up with a cow that produces “allergy reduced milk”, despite the fact raw milk is completely safe and children drinking raw milk have had their allergies disappear!! Don’t believe me, look up the raw milk vending machines popping up all over Europe that sanitize themselves! If it weren’t safe they couldn’t vend it out of machines so successfully! Studies have shown GMOs to cause cancer, raw milk to be safe (so we don’t need a GMO milk cow!), and now Monsanto is working with the Department of Homeland Security to declare organic farming bioterrorism! Look it up! People don’t want to eat it, we shouldn’t be forced to eat something we don’t want that we believe, with evidence, is poisonous to us or be called terrorists for trying to avoid the poisons!!

    So yes, save those pigs because they are living creatures but please don’t put them in a position where the general public, who is increasingly saying a firm NO to GMO foods, will end up eating)! I do believe you could keep the pigs without them getting mixed up with feral pigs etc – spay and neuter them! Simple! There, problem solved… get the veterinarian students to do it if you have them for “a learning experience, on the job training” or whatever. Then keep them as pets or something. Once neutered or spayed there should be no problem.

    You may think I am crazy but I am basing my views on science too. It’s just are you willing to look into it or are you going to ignore the other side of the argument? The IS information available about GMOs being health hazards and there is information available about raw milk and oganic farming (god, even non-GMO regular farming is still preferable to GMO farming!) being preferable. Not sound science to ignore scientific evidence so please look into all this. The huddled poor scientists are also on the non-GMO side of the fence! Yearning to be free from lies and coverups!

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