Don’t blame us, it’s WordPress – again

Yes, we’ve heard the grumblings of those who can not scroll past the first 14 fresh items. This is apparently an issue depending on browsers – doesn’t afflict my Safari but is apparently causing issues in Firefox and Chrome (don’t know about MSIE, haven’t used it in years).

This is not something we did but our WordPress host has made yet more unannounced and unwanted changes.

Only known workaround for those afflicted is to open the last item you can reach and choose the previous item to scroll through new material.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

18 responses to “Don’t blame us, it’s WordPress – again

  1. MSIE is fine, no problems.

  2. One work around I’ve been using is to open the archives with the current month. Seems to work for me but not too sure for others

  3. I use firefox and my problem is if I read a post and hit the back button, it eventually hangs. My short term solution has been to right click on the post title and open it in another window (or hit the refresh button if I forget and do some direct clicks – but that sets me back at the top of the page.)

  4. These changes seem to effect people running old versions of browsers. My suggestion is for everybody to update to the most recent version of their favorite browser.

  5. Have no problems with Chrome, in that respect. Very few others.

  6. Hmm… not sure exactly what the problem is. Both Chrome 19 and Firefox 12.0 exhibit quirky behavior on a Mac running 10.6.8. Safari 5.1.7, on the other hand, displays the front page as intended, so it can’t be 3rd party (e.g. Java).

    Weird but it is apparently annoying some people and is completely beyond our control – we get no say in the application of these “load on scroll” functions/extensions.

  7. Don’t know, I just updated firefox and have noticed no problems. But then again, I tend to open all the articles I want to read in new tabs. then read them and link from there. Usually there’s a lot I want to read, so it’s just easier for me.

  8. If any can get us steps to reproduce the bug, we’re happy to fix it.

    • So, it is Matt’s fault! ;-)

      The problem is that the front page loads the 1st 7 items (not including stickies) and on scroll will load 7 more and then nothing. This leaves only 14 items accessible by scrolling the front page.

      I have confirmed this effect in Chrome Version 19.0.1084.52 and Firefox 12.0 on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8

      Having a footer on the page also creates havoc although they were fine before WP arbitrarily and capriciously screwed with applying unwanted “extensions” (e.g. “infinite scroll” – better known as “defective scroll”).

      And if you really want to be a good “happiness gardiner” – how about making it so we can properly back up the complete site at least weekly rather than a limited date range of items and no comments?

      We bet that is Matt’s fault too :)

      • Will see what’s up.

        We back up sites constantly, literally every hour something changes, in addition to having multiple live copies in multiple cities across the US. You don’t need to export every week, and in fact the export doesn’t include images and such. If you’re requesting super-large exports from support, please go easy on them and do it only quarterly or something — they’re trying to help a lot of people. :)

      • Ooh Matt, you’re asking an old codger like me to take a lot on trust… This is the first time since 1968 that I haven’t had a back-up of everything (Heck, I even back-up my back-ups).

        Thanks for dealing with the scroll issue.

  9. Yep, I run the latest FF and need to go to the monthly archive to see more than the first page. Annoying, but hardly fatal.

  10. We’re looking into it, stay tuned.

  11. Hi Junk Scientists—wanted to stop by and say thanks for the bug report, and that we’ve narrowed it down to something in the Google Ads (WordAds) code. Should be fixed now, but please keep us posted if any of your site visitors are having trouble, and we’ll be glad to take a look.

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