Germany Faces Energy Disaster Next Winter

Last winter, on several occasions, Germany escaped only just large-scale power outages. Next winter the risk of large blackouts is even greater. The culprit for the looming crisis is the single most important instrument of German energy policy: the “Renewable Energy Law.”

The dramatic tone of the report by the Federal Network Agency (FNA) on the near-blackouts last winter is hard to overestimate: although the cold spell was short and mild, the situation in the German electricity network was “very serious” according to the Agency.

Several times, the pre-ordered reserve power plants in Austria and Germany were fully utilized. On several occassions, the network operators were not even able to mobilize additionally needed emergency reserves abroad. The number of short-term emergency interventions in network and power plant operating shot up by more than 30,000 percentage points on some network portions.

“Had a failure of a large power plant taken place in this situation, there would have been hardly any room for maneuver available.” This quote from the FNA report is translation for “We narrowly escaped a catastrophe.”

There is no reason for a sigh of relief, however: Next winter, which will possibly be even more severe, everything could get much worse, officials warn. Because then even less base-load gas- and coal-fired power plants will be available to reliably compensate for wind lulls and the almost complete absence of solar power for months.


8 responses to “Germany Faces Energy Disaster Next Winter

  1. Is it possible that it’s partly a result of them shutting down seven of their oldest nuclear reactors in response to the Fukushima disaster?

    • Yes and no. They did that and now they’re shutting down coal fired plants as well. All to be replaced with windmills, solar panels, and unicorn farts. This insanity needs to be let to play out there and in Mexifornia, etc. It will still take a clue bat to the head of many people for them to recognize the currently stupid idea of basing your grid on magical thinking and labratory toys. Perhaps shivering in the dark will do the trick.

  2. The people refuse to do anything about it, let them freeze, I’m sure many of them are willing to die in the cold, they are going to save the planet. The problem is of course, no one knows what it is they are going to save the planet from. If it makes them feel good, leave them alone.

  3. They were shutting down the nucs before the disaster in Japan all because they were to achieve a certain percent green energy.

    We got warnings at the annual meeting of our electric cooperative last week about possible blackouts. We went through blackouts one day in 2011 so we can look forward to more in the future if we continue with the Obama destruction of America.

    • Focusing your scorn on Obama ignores the millions of Democrats who voted for him and still fully support him.

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