Hockey Schtick: New paper confirms Little Ice Age was a global phenomenon, related to solar activity

A paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters confirms that “the Little Ice Age was a global event, probably caused by a change in solar [activity] and volcanic forcing [activity].”

The paper finds that Greenland and Antarctica cooled synchronously, although to different magnitudes, suggesting to the authors that climate feedbacks operate differently in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The Little Ice Age was associated with the Maunder Minimum, a lull in solar activity that may be similar to the present. This paper corroborates other recent research showing that the Little Ice Age was a global, not local, phenomenon. According to the paper, the temperature from 1400-1800 AD in Antarctica was on average ~ 0.52C colder and Greenland ~ 1C colder than than the last 100 year average. This would imply that the 0.7C global warming since 1850 simply represents a recovery from the Little Ice Age.

Hockey Schtick

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