Robert Bryce: The Sierra Club Opposes ‘Clean Energy’

‘‘Clean energy” is the political darling of the moment.

President Obama has made the promotion of clean energy one of the centerpieces of his administration and his reelection effort. The Democratic National Committee claims that “clean energy” investments are “helping pave the way to a more sustainable future, creating new jobs and entire industries here in America.” Last month, the Center for American Progress, a leftist think tank, released a report that touted the need to build a clean-energy economy.

On Sunday, an editorial in the New York Times extolled the benefits of renewable energy and declared that the “clean energy industry” was “one of the few sectors to add jobs” during the recession.

It’s readily apparent that the left is rallying behind the notion of “clean energy.” But what, exactly, is it? Ah, now there’s the rub.


One response to “Robert Bryce: The Sierra Club Opposes ‘Clean Energy’

  1. Eric Baumholer

    For the green Left, the only clean energy is no energy.

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