Electrical Pollution: Are We Being Poisoned?

It’s an undisputed fact that the ever increasing electrification of our world has produced escalating exposure to electro magnetic fields.” But not in any significant way when you consider we evolved in earth’s electromagnetic field, which is in the sun’s immensely more powerful field and that people who complain of “electro-sensitivity” seem to manage a days sunshine without ill-effect.

In addition to power lines, televisions, microwave ovens, clock radios, cell phones, nearly any gadget, big or small, powered by electricity casts off invisible waves of “EMF”, some way more than others.

For most of the last century and well into this one, scientists and doctors have told us not to worry.
“Absolutely, totally, safe,” says Stewart Bushong, a radiology professor at Baylor College of Medicine.
Bushong says EMF can’t hurt us because the waves simply don’t produce enough heat to damage human cells in a way that could cause cancer.

“No sweat, absolutely no sweat,” he added.

But some are “sweating it”, entire nations. Fueled in part by studies that show children exposed to heavy levels of EMF have a greater chance of developing leukemia, Sweeden (sic) and several other countries in the European Union have established strict safety thresholds – limits far below what’s common place in the US.

Fox Houston

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One response to “Electrical Pollution: Are We Being Poisoned?

  1. I lived about 20 miles from the folks in Michigan who went broke by years of lawsuits claiming magnetic fields from power lines affecting their cow milk production. Sounds like a reprise of that suit.

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