Solar standoff in the Mojave

Native American objects threaten completion of the Genesis solar facility near the Colorado River.

To avoid a lawsuit that could cripple the project, the two sides should negotiate a solution — and officials should begin talks with other tribes about projects planned for their areas.

Developers in the Mojave Desert last month were so keen on going forward with their project that they didn’t consult with Native Americans about the ancient objects that might lie underground or conduct the required archaeological work in a thorough way. This has happened before: It happened most recently in downtown Los Angeles last year at the site of one of the area’s oldest burial grounds. Now it’s happening again 200 miles east, in the desert.

But there’s a key difference between the two. In the case of La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, the new cultural center honoring Mexican and Mexican American history in L.A., there was little legitimate reason to rush the job once remains from a 19th century cemetery were discovered. In the desert near Blythe, similar discoveries — charred bones, grinding stones and charcoal, possible indicators of an early cremation site — threaten the vast Genesis solar project that has been fast-tracked by the U.S. government to generate needed energy.

Maybe a little too fast-tracked.

Government and company officials did an inadequate job of addressing the concerns of the local Native American tribe, and a less-than-thorough survey before the fact failed to detect any evidence that this was a site of archaeological significance. Once winds uncovered the first items, Genesis officials called those a minor scattering.

Such scenarios have played out many times in California and elsewhere. This time, using laws aimed at protecting Native American heritage, the Indians are threatening to sue. And though it is uncertain if they’ll win, they could delay Genesis to the point of being financially unfeasible.

LA Times

3 responses to “Solar standoff in the Mojave

  1. Silberstein, Jek

    Of course the solar companies will HAVE to negotiate with the Tribes, and I see WHY this happened–this lapse, this cultural blindness. The Demoncrats have been TOLD by their contributor, ZOROZ, who is heavily-invested in Foreign oil/gas to SHUT-OFF USA(domestic) OIL/GAS/COAL production, {which with the BilderBORGer ORDERS to Nobama & Hellery, to USE the EPA to THROTTLE-business through Regulation}, dovetails.. with the DESIGNS of the Globalist-Conspiracy to destroy the USA Republic. Once the Demoncrats are in a mind to “Do” something, they RUN OVER everybody, because, they tell themselves, the “run-over” is just “breaking eggs for an omlet”, –a la their Marxian “ruts”. Rest assured, the Demoncrats will EXPECT the Indians to BE “run-over” so that Nobama, the Great Black-Gangsta-Dad in Washington, can get re-elected. Who, will “Love” the Tribes, working their Casino-plantations, like the Great Black-Gangsta-Dad? No one, but Nobama. By the way, the SCYTL situation is SO “paved-over” by the Romney-ites, that some of the advisors may(-post-election) be hung-out to dry for receiving BRIBES, THREATS, and other “inducements” to “ignore” the intended THEFT of the 2012 USA vote, imo. Better some of the Globalist, Beltway-BOZO-advisors be fired, NOW, than have books written-about Globalist Bribers going-around later $ilencing the Bribed, so no one ever gets to the bottom of Nobama’s CERTAIN SECOND TERM. Some of the Globalist, Media Industrial complex will aledge, “We HAD to have Nobama for a 2nd term, for “National Security Purposes”. We contrived to make SURE the USA 2012 vote would be STOLEN, while everybody was too Poor(–and too STUPID…), to notice. “National Security Purposes” MEANS: “a Time when our ne$t$ can be feathered,–our per$onal fortune$ acquired.” We’re talking of the “Perfumed-Princes” of the Media-Industrial-Complex(and their contractors), here, –not the Noble workers. Get Our vote OUT of SCYTL-hands, or the Globalists will “vote” FOR you, imo, re-electing Nobama, via Hacks-into SCYTL’s totals.

  2. If there is a viable location for solar electricity it would be over the large buildings and parking lots in the sunny SW where there is no snow and lots of sunshine. The benefit of shade would be the largest plus and they might even contribute a bit to the immediate electric needs of the buuildings (No trans lines needed).

  3. Cost ineffective solar power vs over-hyped useless indian graves of no value to anyone. Two liberal ideas meet head on . Its so hard to take sides in this one.

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