Vegan pet food triggers meaty debate

For crying out loud. If you are against meat consumption for whatever reason how about not keeping carnivores in the first place rather than trying to convert them to herbivores?

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe. — Albert Einstein

Vets have advised against non-meat and non-dairy diets for domestic pets despite the increasing popularity of a vegan product designed to cover cats’ and dogs’ dietary needs.

Vegan Pet was developed by a Victorian health food maker to include the essential nutrients cats and dogs would miss out on in a vegan diet.

Derived from entirely non-dairy and non-meat sources and designed with the help of a Murdoch University professor, studies have shown it can provide the short-term dietary needs of domestic pets.

Brisbane Times

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7 responses to “Vegan pet food triggers meaty debate

  1. Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    “studies have shown it can provide the short-term dietary needs of domestic pets.” – SHORT TERM

  2. I suspect, carnivores subjected to a vegan diet will turn feral and kill indiscriminately.

  3. It always amazes me that people feed cats dry food (cereal) and expect an animal that’s a carnivore to stay healthy. How long would it take a human to get sick and die eating Cheerios and water every meal?

  4. You are right about the human stupidity part. Another way to attack vegans without knowing any facts. There is NOTHING in meat that dogs can’t get on a plant-based diet. Blah blah, protein. Humans get more protein than they need and are so ignorant about it that they obsess over how vegans get protein. There is a ton of protein in plant sources. As in ALL dog foods, other nutrients are added to the ingredients. Most people feed their dogs cheap food filled with disgusting by-products and chemicals–both known cancer causers. Why don’t you worry about that? And for the anecdotal: I and many of my friends have incredibly healthy happy vegan dogs. All are rescues from irresponsible people who dumped them at shelters by the way.

    • andy: firstly, kudos for looking after abandoned animals and for arguing in support of something in which you believe.

      A couple of points of which you should be aware:

      • Proteins are not just proteins – animal and vegetable proteins are different and distinct.
      • Both have differing nutritional values and both offer positives and negatives for consumers.
      • As omnivores we are best suited to a diet containing both and prepubescent kids really should have a mixed diet if at all possible.
      • carnivores have relatively short digestive tracts are are very poorly suited to digesting vegetable matter

      Now, it is indeed technically feasible to process vegetable matter sufficiently that with suitable supplementation canines can survive quite well on it but why do it? That’s something only you can know but you should also be aware you are subjecting your dog to a belief system and not facts (i.e. a meat diet will not cause cancer even though carnivores can suffer cancer if they live long enough).

      Finally, although the subpopulation of vegans is too small to provide statistical power at this time there is no evidence that vegans in a given population suffer lower cancer rates than the general population in that location (it is not fair to say vegans have higher than national average rates because they tend to live in higher income enclaves where cancer rates tend to be above national averages). Unless there’s a massive increase in the animal-product-free population it’s a question that will likely never be answered.

      By all means stick to your beliefs but maybe consider adopting a sheep next time ;)

  5. Paul Penrose

    Andy, you hypocrite, I am wondering where you get your vitamin B12 from? You can’t live without it and you can’t get it from plant sources and your body can’t synthesize it. Supplements you say? And just where do you think they come from? Answer: the same place my steak comes from. So shut your self righteous pie hole and let your poor dog just be a dog.

  6. Ben of Houston

    Paul, B12 comes from bacteria. Please think for a moment. A large fraction of the world eats a nearly entirely vegetarian diet. If it was so unhealthy, then India wouldn’t have an overpopulation problem right now.

    However, Andy, I have to ask. What “By-Products” are known to cause cancer? I’ve never seen any part of a cow that will give you cancer, and what, pray tell “chemicals” are these filled with.

    Andy, if you show me a vegan dog, I’ll show you a squirrel and then see how “Vegan” your dogs are. They are by nature carnivores, and there is no benefit to keeping them on a vegan diet. It’s your family, so your choice, but I have to ask. Why?

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