Why has the silly acrylamide scare resurfaced?

Cooking creates chemical flagged by food regulator Concerns are growing over a potentially cancer-causing chemical found in everyday foods – that few people know even exists.

Toast, hot chips, potato crisps, plain biscuits, coffee and wheat-biscuit breakfast cereals have been flagged by transtasman regulatory body Food Standards Australia New Zealand as containing the chemical acrylamide.

FSANZ’s website carries little-known advice on how to avoid the chemical, which is created during cooking. Tips included soaking potatoes before frying, cooking at lower temperatures and browning toast to the “lightest colour acceptable to your taste”.

Two years ago the World Health Organisation determined acrylamide was neurotoxic and potentially cancer causing and called for clear labelling to raise consumer awareness around cooking and storage.

When the Herald on Sunday checked bread and frozen potato products on the supermarket shelves this week, none carried any information other than cooking instructions.

New Zealand Herald

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3 responses to “Why has the silly acrylamide scare resurfaced?

  1. perhaps the scare that you claim is resurfacing just a lie from you.

    you will pay for the lies.

  2. Acrylamide is a chemical with a number of hazards in high doses and high concentration. This scare is downright silly because, as usual, they don’t have attributable cases to minute quantities in foods that have been consumed for very long times. Other than keeping up the scare about everything, I can’t imagine why this silly person would even recycle this scare. People are paranoid about food and the stuff that the evil “they” put in food. Maybe this plays to egging the food paranoia along.

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