Activists urge Discovery to acknowledge [activists’ view of] climate change science

Forecast the Facts, the activist group that first confronted GM about its support of climate change doubters the Heartland Institute, now plans to muster a public campaign targeting the Discovery Channel. The purpose: to get Discovery to acknowledge the scientific consensus on man-made climate change in its programming.

The flap follows the recent airing of the final episode of Discovery’s lush exploration of the polar regions, “Frozen Planet.” The last of the seven-hour series, “On Thin Ice,” was devoted specifically to presenting evidence of climate change – including discussion of the challenges facing polar bears, collapsing ice shelves, diminishing habitat, and naturalist David Attenborough (Alec Baldwin is the narrator and host of the series) saying, “The days of the Arctic Ocean being covered by a continuous sheet of ice seem to be past. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing, of course, depends on your point of view.”

Strangely missing from the narration, however, is any mention of the causes of climate change, even presented as theory. An April 20 story in the New York Times revealed that the producers made a deliberate choice not to present this material, anticipating criticism from the small minority of viewers who do not accept scientific opinion about human causes of global warming.

Series producer Vanessa Berlowitz told the New York Times that including the scientific theories “would have undermined the strength of an objective documentary, and would then have become utilized by people with political agendas.”

Daniel Souweine, campaign director at Forecast the Facts, contends that Discovery played into a political agenda, in fact, by not presenting this information.

“The omission of the content is bad. But in some ways, the decision to omit the content is worse,” said Souweine. “Because it’s saying that they’re going to change how they’re going to report on things to avoid criticism from conspiracy theorists.”

Nancy Daniels, executive vice president of production and development at Discovery Channel, says that this particular program was never meant to carry that kind of analysis. Asked if they had consciously stayed away from addressing climate change science, she said, “The approach of ‘Frozen Planet,’ from the beginning, was to be a nature documentary, a natural history documentary, so in that regard, that is true.”

LA Times

2 responses to “Activists urge Discovery to acknowledge [activists’ view of] climate change science

  1. So, how many more times, how much more frequently, and for how much longer does The Discovery Channel (and its affiliates) need to air “The Day After Tomorrow”?

  2. “They implement speech and mind control because they know they cannot persuade on the facts. Silencing the opposition becomes therri only recourse.” Tammy Bruce

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