Petition against President of WWF Spain

Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias is also known as an elephant killer.

Petition in Spanish(*). Elephant in “dead”.

President of WWF Spain in very close company of wildlife

(*) Google translation of the petition in English

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7 responses to “Petition against President of WWF Spain

  1. Great looking rifles!

    PH looks like Jeff Rann.

  2. I don’t think my 9mm carbine could do that.

  3. A little more research . . . .

    Juan Carlos is a known hunter and patron of
    Fabbri arms. WWF making him honorary
    president, then revolting after finding that he
    has been hunting is bizarre. I suspect they
    were willing to overlook his occasional bird
    shooting. Speciesism at WWF. Who’d a
    thunk it?

    • Gamecock – WWF had no trouble with Old Juan until he got his leg broken in the process. Most of the outrage now is just to cover their backs, and the bits below.

  4. Looks like they’re carrying .50 caliber single-shot breech-loading ‘express’ rifles. With iron sights instead of scopes, that means they risked their lives (somewhat) in the process. That probably makes this hunting noble and ‘sustainable’. One shot, one kill, plus a nearly dislocated shoulder.

  5. Just a well deserved weekend break from hard green work saving the planet.

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