Dale Hurd: Europe’s Climate Change Alarmism a Religious Belief?

Whether the weather is hot or cold, global warming remains the new climate orthodoxy. Even a terrible winter last year has not shaken Europe’s belief in a coming climate change apocalypse.

Winter 2011 was a pleasant no-show for most of the United States, setting hundreds of warm temperature records. The warmer temps set off the predictable warnings that it was because of global warming, and cold winters were becoming a thing of the past.

“The planet is getting warmer and it will continue to warm on average as we go into the future,” climate scientist Jim Hurrell, with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, said.

A Freeze on Global Warming?

Except that one year ago, the winter season set cold and snow records, and heavy snow even collapsed the roof of the Minneapolis Metrodome.

Europe has seen record-setting cold and snow for the past few years. More than 600 people died from a historic arctic cold snap across the continent this year.

Europe used to get warnings about warmer and warmer winters, too. Not so much anymore.

Still, man-made climate change remains an article of faith and law in Europe, where publicly disputing the theory could end your career.

It doesn’t matter how much Europe looks like the North Pole, climate skeptics aren’t just wrong, they’re treated as bad people.

CBN News

4 responses to “Dale Hurd: Europe’s Climate Change Alarmism a Religious Belief?

  1. The new church of global warming would put a smile on Jim Jones face. Pass the Koolaid please.

  2. It is a common fact of human nature that a human will believe the first statements they hear on any given topic. That statement becomes the Yardstick of Truth by which all subsequent statements on that topic are measured. Thus nearly all people stay with the religion, culture, society, social group, etc. into which they are born.
    For most people, as regards the topic of climate change, they first heard about it from climate alarmistsAl Gore and/or the Hockey Stick team.
    The climate alarmist position has thus literally become an Article of Faith to most people.
    The only immunity/cure for this disorder of logic is to develop the art/skill of Critical Thinking whereby all statements are accepted at face value *conditionally*. Thereafter a statement is subject to summary review at any time and can be discarded if demonstrated by independent facts to be in error. (This realignment of thinking is sometimes termed an ‘Epiphany.’)
    Critical thinkers are exceedingly rare.

  3. Yes Tad, “trust but verify.”

  4. Eric Baumholer

    Problems with religion have throughout history often been a direct or indirect cause of migration. The problem is that, with globalization — and the new global religion — there is no other place to go.

    Err, well, or maybe there is another place to go. The number of people who have renounced US citizenship to move abroad is at a record high. So there must be a better place somewhere.

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