Silent Spring at 50: Reflections on an Environmental Classic

PERC’s Generous Reflection: Fifty years after the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the book’s legacy is mixed.

It helped raise awareness about the costs of mass spraying operations, but it also provided justification for campaigns against the use of DDT in malaria control programs, which contributed to the deaths of millions in Africa and Asia.

5 responses to “Silent Spring at 50: Reflections on an Environmental Classic

  1. The book was the beginning of the massive disinformation campaign designed to impose a social agenda based on a phony concern for the environment.

  2. NBC had a piece on bald eagle return to suburban Chicago. Naturally the animal “expert” recited the litany of how DDT caused the eagle decline. When is someone going to straighten these people out

  3. Second biggest con in our recent history; right behind Al Gore’s global warming.

  4. Now that the DDT Fraud has been publicly repudiated, the enviro-whacko movement in the MidWest has decided that “lead shot” should become the “New DDT”. They’re trying to ban all lead from all ammunition, based on the theory that lead shot fragments into miniscule slivers when it strikes flesh, and that eagles and other birds then eat the flesh and the slivers of lead, which poisons them. As though lead shot is the only possible lead source in an eagle’s environment. Any suggestion that they have no reliable evidence brings a charge that you “hate eagles and want them to suffer and die”.

  5. It is MIS-GUIDED NONSENSE to VALIDATE Rachel Carson on this DREADFUL 50th Anniversary of her SUBVERSIVE book Silent Spring.

    Rachel Carson and the Removal of DDT Has Killed More People Than Hitler !

    Carson was a mere zoologist, marine biologist, spinster, and cancer victim with NO recognized expertise, training or background in matters concerning pest control products.

    Rachel Carson was The Queen of Junk Science and was the FIRST Environmental-Terrorist.

    And almost always wrong !

    NORAHG has archived more information about RACHEL CARSON on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site …

    For more information about DDT, go to the following web-page …


    NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry.

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