Hockey Schtick: Warmist Hayhoe admits she wouldn’t stop driving to allegedly ‘save’ polar bears

While a polar bear standing on an patch of melting ice may be the most ready picture associated with a warming climate, Katherine Hayhoe would like to see it replaced, at least in the minds of Christians.

Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Texas University, told students at Hardin-Simmons University it will take a personal stake to create changes in behavior.

One of the hardest hills to climb in changing behaviors, she admitted, is many people, especially conservative Christians, have a mindset that there is not a problem.She asked the students how many would quit driving today if they were promised not one more polar bear would die due to global warming. [note to Hayhoe: polar bear populations are up 400%] She confessed she wouldn’t either.

“I would want to, and I might make it a couple of weeks, but especially in West Texas, it just wouldn’t work,” she said.

The last 12 years, a Gallup Poll asked a question concerning doubt about the evidence for climate change, she noted.

In answer to the question, “Is there evidence that the earth is warming?,” 66 percent of Americans polled said “No.”

“Sixty-six percent say that there is no evidence—essentially that the earth is lying to us, that it is making stuff up that is not true. And that is what really hurts … It’s saying, ‘I don’t care what God’s creation is telling us; it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we have life the way we want it right now,'” Hayhoe said.

One reason for disbelief in evidence pointing to climate change is that the science can be hard to understand, she admitted.

“This stuff is tough. We don’t see it’s immediate effects. We look out the window and see green grass. We look out, and we don’t see it with our eyes. Everything looks OK,” Hayhoe said.

Another reason why some find it difficult to understand is that what people see doesn’t look like global warming. Record snowfalls in the Northeast don’t look like warming of any kind.

The truth, Hayhoe said, is that strong snowfalls are a symptom of a warming planet. Warmer winters put more water vapor in the air enabling the heavier snow event to happen, she explained. [note to Hayhoe: get a clue – water vapor has decreased with warming]

Hockey Schtick

One response to “Hockey Schtick: Warmist Hayhoe admits she wouldn’t stop driving to allegedly ‘save’ polar bears

  1. No, what hurts your cause is you trying to make a problem where none exists. Even if people were able to physically tell that the earth had warmed a fraction of a degree they would still look around them and see that nothing at all had changed.

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