[New and improved ‘ultra-conservative’] Heartland Institute calls on Oxford to ban Peter Gleick from giving lecture

Conservative thinktank says Gleick should be barred for his role in leaking Heartland’s plans to discredit climate science

The ultra-conservative Heartland Institute has called on Oxford University to ban a lecture by the scientist who used deception to expose its mission to discredit climate science.

Peter Gleick, the water expert who admitted to and apologised for carrying out an exposé of confidential Heartland materials, is due to speak on 24 April as part of a prestigous lecture series.

The annual Oxford Amnesty lectures are an important fundraiser for Amnesty International, although they are not directly organised by the human rights organisation or by the university.

This year’s theme of the lectures is Protect the Human/Protect the Planet. Gleick is an internationally recognised water expert.

However, Heartland Institute argued that Gleick should be barred from appearing at Oxford because of his admitted role in tricking the thinktank to turn over confidential documents outlining its fundraising plans and key donors.

Heartland says one of the documents is a fake, and accused Gleick of the forgery. Gleick has apologised for his role in the affair.


5 responses to “[New and improved ‘ultra-conservative’] Heartland Institute calls on Oxford to ban Peter Gleick from giving lecture

  1. What next…will Bast get screen time as one of the Avengers?

  2. Disgraceful behavior by Oxford, and indicative of the sad state of the post-secondary system in the 21st century. In short, it’s a corrupt joke and should be defunded and privatized.

  3. Nothing wrong with airing all sides of an issue. However, when is the last(first) time they have allowed such debate?

  4. Amnesty International is also a major problem.

    Not sure what Dave means by “airing all sides of an issue”? Is Gleick going to explain his unethical actions to the Oxford crowd? If so, the Heartland Institute should also be given a speaking spot.

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