Gleick’s fraud winning after all

We should have known the LAT and co-traveling warmists would approve fraud and deception, after all, they support the global warming fraud has put up an advertisement spoofing the new TV ads created for the Chevy Volt – but this one congratulates GM for ceasing to fund the Heartland Institute, a free-market think tank that questions the science behind global warming.

The spoof ad is running only on the group’s website. However, it was originally designed as part of an advertising campaign to lean on GM to stop its annual funding for Heartland.

LA Times

4 responses to “Gleick’s fraud winning after all

  1. I think it strengthens Heartlands legal case that the theft harmed them.

  2. It is very disappointing that GM stopped funding Heartland. They need to reconsider their decision.

  3. GM is effectively a Govt organization, why would they fund HL?

  4. The left is far better organized at promoting large e-mail or letter writing campaigns than the skeptics. They should learn the lesson and generate one million letters to GM we won’t buy your cars unless you get off this CAGW advocacy.

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