WBCSD promo: Business must take climate change seriously say investors

A series of workshops explore new ways of doing business that can help the world transition into a more sustainable global community (according to The Guardian this is a “Sponsor’s feature” which I read as “infomercial”)

According to investors who should be institutionalized businesses should commit commercial suicide out of fear of climate regulations (granted, attempts to cool the planet are definitely to be feared).

Businesses must take the issue of climate change seriously if they are to enjoy the backing of institutional investors, a Business Council for Sustainable Development UK (BCSD-UK) workshop was told. World leading experts also gave an indication of the magnitude of the climate change impact on investment activity.

Craig McKenzie, head of sustainability at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, and one of the authors of a guide issued by leading investors, said: “In January 2012, 200 large institutional investors from the largest pension funds and asset managers across the world, between them representing $20tn of assets under management and one third of the invested assets, published a report on the expectations of corporate climate risk management. They are pushing the energy efficiency agenda and monitoring whether companies are adhering to these expectations”.


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