contrary2belief: Deep-Fried QANTAS

Commentary on the sustainability of this item: “Qantas (QF) and SkyNRG will operate Australia’s first commercial biofuel flight April 13 between Sydney and Adelaide. The flight, using an Airbus A330, will operate using a 50:50 blend of biofuel derived from used cooking oil and conventional jet fuel, QF said in a statement.

Hmmm… a sustainable fuel resource? The only way to keep QANTAS flying this way is for everybody in Australia to eat ONLY lots of deep-fried food. Consider half of the 139,000 litres of the A330′s fuel capacity will be deep-fried product. Consuming up to seventy-thousand litres (approx 18,500 US gallons) of used cooking oil per flight.

Airport staff will no doubt be issued with guns loaded with bird-shot to maintain a safe air space for other aircraft following QF1121 and QF1120; from seagulls looking for free chips. Baggage handlers to be issued with bio-hazard gear so that the droppings of 100,00 gulls don’t give them bird-flu.

At least the chip-shops under the flight path will get a run of salivating customers.

The flights are on Friday the 13th. So all the stars are aligned.

Joycey; are you sure you want to humour the nitwits with such a useless, unsustainable exercise?

Why not drop into Contrary2Belief and browse around, see what other little gems they have. h/t Bernd Felsche, with a nod for creative self-promotion ;)

3 responses to “contrary2belief: Deep-Fried QANTAS

  1. I think I’ll watch this maiden flight from the ground! (Can you say “maiden” flight anymore in this PC era?)

  2. Global consumption of vegetable oils is about 176 million tonnes/year.
    Global consumption of jet fuel is about 2 billion barrels/year.
    Even 100% recovery of used cooking oils isn’t going to do the job.

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