Bishop Hill: Hulme’s new climate course

Times Higher Education reports on Mike Hulme’s latest idea – a course combining environmental studies and the humanities:

“I have worked in the field for over 30 years,” he said. “I started with a very numerical approach but became increasingly frustrated that science alone cannot motivate social change.

As a taxpayer, I must say I struggle with the idea that I should be forced to pay people to work on coming up with new tactics to get me to amend my ways. This seems to me to be political campaigning rather than academic research.

This bit made me laugh:

Professor Hulme – who also teaches an undergraduate class on scientific controversy – acknowledged that UEA had been at the centre of a political row over climate change.

“We have gone through a big controversy here with the ‘Climate-gate’ scandal, which raised questions about whether some scientists were trying to subvert the peer-review process and who counts as a legitimate expert.”

He added that although his own emails were among the batch obtained by campaigners who cited them as evidence that scientists were manipulating climate data, he was “not in the spotlight”.

As did this:

Insights from nature writing and eco-poetry will be considered alongside those of philosophy and science.

Bishop Hill

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