Australia’s carbon [dioxide] folly

Granted, every indication is that Australia’s carbon [dioxide] tax will be but a brief aberration that will disappear into history along with our most unpopular government of all time. That is not to say the tax due to start July 1 is not creating havoc in the meantime. Here’s a couple of pieces with the government and business slogging it out over wages and “carbon tax compensation”:

Carbon tax risk to wage claim as employers want Fair Work to factor in ‘overcompensation’

EMPLOYERS are trying to limit a pay rise for workers on the minimum wage on the grounds they will be “overcompensated” for the new carbon tax.

As the $9 billion tax begins cascading through the economy in higher prices and charges, Julia Gillard yesterday played down the impact on the cost of living and promised she would “not leave working families behind”.

The Australian Industry Group has asked Fair Work Australia to restrict the next rise in the minimum wage to $14 a week, less than the rate of inflation.

The ACTU is demanding a $26-a-week pay rise, and has asked Fair Work Australia to “look through” the government’s carbon tax compensation.

The AI Group argues that the compensation offered by the government to offset the impact of the tax is so generous that the lowest-paid workers should get only a 2.4 per cent pay rise – less than this year’s 3.1 per cent increase in the cost of living. (The Australian)

Gillard government rejects carbon compo link to wages

LABOR has rejected business calls for an upcoming minimum wage rise to be limited on the grounds that many low-income workers will be overcompensated for the effects of the carbon tax.

Workplace Minister Bill Shorten and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said the government’s carbon tax compensation package should not be a factor in the minimum wage review.

“Business should not use the fact that the government is doing the right thing by Australia’s lowest paid workers as an excuse to do the wrong thing by them,” they said in a statement this morning.

The ministers said the carbon tax compensation should not moderate wage outcomes, nor should the minimum wage review “be used as an avenue for further assistance”. (The Australian)

3 responses to “Australia’s carbon [dioxide] folly

  1. There are many great lines to describe this Ozy government but one that springs to mind to cover the lies that Gillard and her mates have been telling is: “Oh what a wicked web we weave when at first we do decieve”
    Her contnued ‘head in the sand’ attittude is surely going to came back and bite her right on the backside!

  2. jim sternhell

    “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” was the point blank LIE made shortly before the last election, backed by that turkey of a treasurer, Wayne Swan. Well, here they are now trying a slogan of “Trust US” – what total CRAP. This (minority) government was elected on a blatant, bare-arsed LIE. Of course, Gillard will want to convert the Carbon Tax into an emissions trading scheme quickly to reduce the household compensation package and to hasten the destruction of the Australian economy through haemhorrage of revenues directly to the UN. No mincing words here. Our Green/ Labor coalition of Fabians are a bunch of TRAITORS. In days of old, a grisly end would be in store for such perpetrators of High Treason.

  3. Australians need to read one of the best non-fiction books on the fossil fuel warming fraud by one of their own — Ian Plimer, a prominant geologist, which has the title “Heaven and Earth — global warming: the missing science.” Then read my fictional version of a nationally televised debate on the subject , a fast moving thriller, with all the fraudulent facts included. Find my book at “Exposure Rex Fleming.”

    Can’t we find enough people with the balls to stand up and do something about this environmental lunacy?

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