WSJ: Supremes 9, EPA 0

“The Justices rebuke the bureaucracy’s water torture.”

The Wall Street Journal editorializes:

… In a concurring opinion in Sackett v. EPA, Justice Alito accurately noted that, despite the ruling, “the combination of the uncertain reach of the Clean Water Act and draconian penalties imposed for the sort of violations alleged in this case still leaves most property owners with little practical alternative but to dance to the EPA’s tune.”

Congress ought to amend the Clean Water Act to make the law’s jurisdiction clearer. Meantime, the ordeal of the Sacketts shows once again how this agency with a $10 billion budget and 17,000 agents has become a regulatory tyranny for millions of law-abiding Americans.

2 thoughts on “WSJ: Supremes 9, EPA 0”

  1. While this was more a “procedural” victory, I was very surprised to see it 9-0. Kagan just bitch slapped her old boss.

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