W. calls Keystone XL a ‘no brainer’

No doubt that’s why he gets it.

Bloomberg reports:

TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry oil from landlocked Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast, is a “no-brainer” that would create jobs and bolster the economy, former President George W. Bush said.

The $7.6 billion Keystone XL line would generate private- sector employment and government revenue, he said at an American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers conference in San Diego. The U.S. government’s budget deficit is unsustainable and must be reduced by supporting industry, Bush said.

“The clear goal ought to be how to get the private sector to grow,” said Bush, who spoke during a luncheon at the conference. “If you say that, then an issue like the Keystone pipeline becomes an easy issue”…

13 thoughts on “W. calls Keystone XL a ‘no brainer’”

  1. Keystone is the perfect business model; private capital does the work and government reaps the revenue reward.

    Yes Flakmeister, Obama is a Marxist. We are still trying to determine if it is Karl or Harpo.

  2. The media panders to the lowest common denominator….the resultant blurring of news into vapid infotainment will be the downfall of this great democracy…

    There is good journalism out there, you have to look hard though….

    Bush never impressed me, in fact I always felt sorry for him….

  3. Cheney does indeed get Energy….. You do recall his Haliburton days and his Peak Oil talk in 1998? Iraq was the prize he was after…. it only cost one trillion and cost America its moral ascendancy but game theory said it was the right move and Dick played to win….The petro-dollar will live another day….

    Lest you think I am a bleeding heart, I was all for getting rid of Saddam, but I never bought the WMD crap….

    Sarah is *very* charismatic, but she is a poster child for the DK effect… sorry

  4. I had the chance to listen to both Clinton and W in speaking engagements after they were out of office, both came across as both intelligent and well spoken. Perhaps its just our media that are idiots?

  5. It is what is. Compare Palin to the peer group I identified. Honestly. Claiming McCain, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Biden and Obama have it over her on energy and the environment, now that is truly rich … But I stand corrected. Cheney’s probably better than all of them.

  6. Wow… committed Marxist… I must have missed something… If you had said spineless centrist beholden to Wall Street I would have wholeheartedly agreed….

    Sarah Palin having a “detailed understanding” of energy and environmental issues, now that is truly rich…

  7. Jim… I appreciate your note, but IMHO the guy left us with Obama. Running the country for 8 years only to leave us at the mercy of a committed Marxist is a most damning legacy. Steve

  8. Strange comments, Flakmeister. “Sarah’ is the one Republican or Democrat to run for president or vice president with experience and a detailed understanding of the energy and environment issues. And Bush at least meant and actively pursued “all of the above” unlike the guy who just tried to use it as a smokescreen. He gets the no-brainer label on energy and environment from me for too many alt energy subsidies, signing off on the light bulb ban, standing back on the EPA, and the common Presidential failing of promoting an impractical theoretical energy of the future (hydrogen cars).

  9. Steve, gratuitous insults are beneath you. W earned his Harvard MBA while Gore was flunking out of Divinity School. Any combat pilot will tell you that dumb trainees never make it to an active squadron. You should be more aware than most that things everyone knows (like the dangers of DDT) generally are not true.

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