Recommended Read: Going Green — For Some It Has Nothing to Do with the Environment

A new novel by nuclear power expert Chris Skates.

From a review by WomanAroundTown:

GOING GREEN has nothing to do with Ireland or St. Patrick’s Day, but I couldn’t resist the play on the meaning of the color. Author Chris Skates has worked extensively in the field of nuclear power and environmental compliance. He also has a pretty good sense of humor; he refers to his wife Tracy as a “recovering English teacher.” His novel, not surprisingly, revolves around an environmental engineer named Ashley Miller. Her knowledge could unhinge an international conspiracy, and greatly influence developments in the United States. Expect the unexpected from Skates; he expresses certain views that are not always popular. I especially like the question he poses in the book’s afterward: In a world approaching seven billion people, is there nothing positive to be said about the health and economic benefits of an industrial base? Chris Skates presents a new and original voice in the realm of fact based fiction.

6 thoughts on “Recommended Read: Going Green — For Some It Has Nothing to Do with the Environment”

  1. Another tale from Chris Skates that is hard to put down. Chris does a great job of spinning an interesting story with scenes that could be real.

  2. I totally agree with this book review. It’s a real page-turner – I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. A completely different twist on public utilities and the environmental concerns they have which you won’t see on NBC or CNN nightly news. Although a work of fiction, the book highlights real life challenges industry’s face in this country today. A highly suspenseful page turner and a must read for all who truly seek the truth!!

  4. I have read this book and it is beyond excellent. It should be a NYT Best Seller. Author, Chris Skates is not only a brilliant and well-respected scientist in the field of energy, he is also a very gifted story teller. If you are concerned about our environment at all, you owe it to yourself to read “Going Green”. But be advised that once you begin reading this suspense thriller, you will not be able to put it down until you have turned the final page, it is that good. Based on real events that took place at a conference on climate change in Washington, DC, much of what was originally couched as fiction in “Going Green” has actually taken place over the past few months. Skates should probably write the non-fiction version, but no one can deny the power of exposing the truth using the art of story. If nothing else, it will send shivers up your spine and make you think and question, rather than just being strung along by the media and the current political agenda surrounding “climate change.”

  5. Author Skates provides a unique insight into the the Going Green persuasion. Skates personal educational background as well as his practical experience allow him to offer a combination of perspectives that rely not only on theory but on concrete on-site application of scientific principle. Skates fictional work provides drama that will challenge the reader to consider alternative views of this environmental science.

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