Movie Review: ‘The Lorax,’ cuddly cartoon agitprop the Unabomber would’ve loved

“‘The Lorax,’ the animated 3-D feature based on the Dr. Seuss book, is a movie the Unabomber would have loved.”

Adam Mazmanian continues in the Washington Times:

While the film’s marketing makes it look like a feel-good parable teaching responsible environmental stewardship, the reality is quite different. This isn’t a gentle sendup in which conservation triumphs over avarice and individual profit. It’s not George Bailey versus Mr. Potter in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Instead, “The Lorax” presents a radical critique of the idea that humans have a claim to build wealth out of natural resources…

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: ‘The Lorax,’ cuddly cartoon agitprop the Unabomber would’ve loved”

  1. Check out the film’s rating: ‘PG [parental guidance], for mild violence and unsubtle propaganda’.

  2. Did you expect anything else? The book was written in 1971 at a time I like to call “The Bad Old Days” in which the Ship Channel smelled of sulfuric acid and mass exploitation and rampant destruction was acceptable to industry.

    The entire premise of the book has been undermined in the West by the last 40 years of environmental progress. Now, it is quite arguable that the exploiters are doing a better job of managing natural resources than the greens.

    Therefore, they have to take it up a notch, from “the Onceler’s an idiot for not managing his resources and loses everything because of it” to an “unleash the fury of nature” plot.

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