7 thoughts on “Gleick Wins? GM CEO to review Heartland funding”

  1. In a better world both sides of this issue would remain focused on the pertinent science.

    I am a skeptic, but I suspect skepticism’s best spokespersons are letting the excitement of uncovering chicanery distract us all from the all important message. That message, of course, is that the warmist’s science is terminally faulty. But just as we claim that consensus is irrelevant to true science, so too strong evidence of fraud and lies is ultimately irrelevant.

    Show me scientifically convincing evidence that our planet is/is not warming dangerously. Let the rest remain secondary – please.

    (This message also being sent to ClimateAudit and Watts Up with That.)

  2. Very interesting. I agree with some of what you’ve posited. Because AGW is NOT a problem, question one should be a “yes, BUT…(then on to #3, that AGW is NOT a problem)… CO2ppm has DEFINITELY been greater BEFORE ANY manufacturing/autos. It has Definitely been WARMER in the past, again, without industry, autos. Does CO2ppm lead/lag–I don’t give a CRAP, because AGW is NOT a problem. As far as education, that… is the PROBLEM. Lying Globalists have slanted most programs leftward, and these A–h—s aren’t going away. They’re doubling down with MORONS, imo, like Suzuki, saying: “Deny the Deniers a Denial”. Still, thanks for sharing. PS. Is this CEO the union-guy Nobama appointed? I think GM has made itself more efficient, and that’s good. But they should do it, for themselves & their stockholders (–US taxpayer), not for some GREEN-Meanie-weenies of the Eco-Nazis. And they have a HUGE problem with the Volt. They only made 25% of the numbers they COULD have made,–why? Because of the reason I told them about when they were designing the car. It is $20,000.00 OVER-PRICED! I have no love for Toyota, but the Prius is MUCH BETTER, and mostly, MUCH CHEAPER, and yes, I don’t give a damn about GM-retired workers. They’ve been making 20-25% more than any other workers in manufacturing per year/per capita, for decades, so let them go on Social Security like everyone else. The reason the Volt’s SO expensive($40K), is because those pensions are being covered…IF…the car sells. I don’t think it’ll sell, even after the rebate($8K?). Actually, it WOULD sell, WITHOUT THE REBATE, AT 40K, IF we were an OPEC-nation, and there were hundreds of thousands more workers making $100K-plus/yr, which you’d HAVE if the pipeline was going through, but we don’t have that pipeline,–a STABBING IN THE BACK…of the Energy worker, by the PREZ, all–as a SOP to LYING ECO-NAZIS, –their VOTES,–their tax-free Non-profits, and their “Shut-it-all-down” GLOBALIST-lobbyists in D.C.! Labor’s ENEMIES…. are the GREENS, and under the Demon-crat banner, they’re all “huggy-wuggy” Friends, kiss-kiss…

  3. You mean you don’t believe that the climate would be static if it weren’t for carbon pollution and/or we can control the climate? Seems to be the warmist’s position.

  4. The GM CEO was asked the wrong qusestion. Which I might add is a ploy of the left. If I were asked do I believe in
    gobal warming I would truthfully answer yes. If I were asked do I believe in climate change I would say yes I do. But these are not the questions that should be asked. The real question should be is AGW a problem. And of course the answer is no. Speaking of questions just ask yourself three simple questions. Has the co2 ppm ever been higher than is today? Has it ever been warmer than it is today? Does co2 ppm lead or lag temperture change?
    If you can not answer these three questions then educate yourself.

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