General Motors pulls funding from Heartland Institute; Heartland responds

From the folks that brought (a very few of) us the Volt.

Climate Science Watch reports:

A GM spokesman confirmed that the company will stop funding the Heartland Institute, a well-known cog in the global warming denial machine. Heartland issued a response in which they complain about, get this: the Huffington Post, Center for American Progress,, Greenpeace, and, of course, Peter Gleick…

3 thoughts on “General Motors pulls funding from Heartland Institute; Heartland responds”

  1. Gov Motors has no choice but to take orders from Washington DC because they sold out years ago. They have made junk a habit and will continue to dump their union junk on the public; at least those who aren’t smart enough to see what is happening.

  2. This is fine. When the GOP gets the presidency the new President can appoint Joe Bast to the Government Motors board.

    Be careful who you annoy GM – that 36% stake is not necessarily your friend.

  3. Those who own stock in General Motore should write the company and protest this action. This is the technique used by CAGW alarmists and with great efficiency because they have a lot of money for propaganda.

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