Fracking and carbon sequestration on a collision course?

Not likely since no serious effort at CO2 sequestration will likely ever occur.

Climatewire reports:

Natural gas production and carbon sequestration may be headed for an underground collision course.

That is the message from a new study finding that many of the same shale rock formations where companies want to extract gas also happen to sit above optimal sites envisioned for storing carbon dioxide underground that is captured from power plants and industrial facilities.

The problem with this overlap, the researchers found, is that shale-gas extraction involves fracturing rock that could be needed as an impenetrable cover to hold CO2 underground permanently and prevent it from leaking back into the atmosphere…

One thought on “Fracking and carbon sequestration on a collision course?”

  1. Friends: You see how Desperate the Globalists, –the crypto-Communists are, to STOP fracking! Don’t let them, stop us from fracking, because fracking is our last chance to prevent our economy from crashing (–which, imo, Nobama & his masters, the Bilderbergars WANT) and the rest of the country,–most Republicans, and independents with any sense, know we MUST have(–fracking) to continue to generate income, other than from Red Chinese/other LOANS. Even though we have a huge printing-press, the FED, we can’t go through life on this planet, having people PAY us to EXIST,–we’ve GOT to DO something, –make something, –ship something of Value, otherwise, this country will BE, no more! NOW, the Commies want to stop fracking because(–they CLAIM) shale’s no good for carbon sequestration if’s fracked, but they forget, NO ONE IS GOING to “Sequestor-carbon”, because we are OVER that. It’s NOT necessary due to NO AGW. If they HAVE to sequestor,They should just use “molecular fracturing”, to knock “CO2” into “carbon” and “O2!” So we must either frack…or “frack!” If one is convinced the Commie-arguments are valid, that sequestoring is necessary, the “solution” is Molecular-fracking, breaking CO2 into its constituent parts. But if you are NOT Global-green-commie-brain-washed, then just regular fracking with CNG is cool, and productive. Please take your choice:–fracking or fracking?

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