Andrew Bolt: Correction: Newman did campaign on that tax

I keep hearing Labor MPs, ABC commentators, Sky News presenters and Fairfax journalists repeat the mantra that the carbon tax wasn’t an issue in Labor’s Queensland rout since Campbell Newman didn’t campaign on it.

Julia Gillard is one such:

The fight was overwhelmingly on state issues 

Laura Tingle of the Financial Review another:

I don’t think anyboy can claim … that this was about the carbon tax or any federal issues.


Here is Campbell Newman on February 24:

Today though, we’re here to once again comment, both of us here, about the pervasive and negative impacts of a carbon tax on Queensland. It’s twelve months today that Julia Gillard and her colleagues, with the Greens, went out into the courtyard at Parliament House and showed that they had misled, in fact lied to the people of Australia. The carbon tax is bad for Queensland. It’s bad for jobs. Frankly, if the carbon tax is introduced it will make it even harder for us to achieve our four per cent target. But that’s why I’m here today, to say that we will fight every single day, if we’re elected, as the Government of Queensland, to fight against this tax; that even if the tax is introduced, we will work with Tony Abbott and state premiers to fight the tax still.

We hope that Queenslanders will see the opportunity in this election campaign, but particularly on the 24th of March, to send a signal to Labor – who are so caught up in their own activities and their battles at the moment – send a signal to Canberra, to Labor that you don’t want the carbon tax and that’s why people have on the 24th of March an opportunity to actually send that signal to vote against a carbon tax.

Courier Mail, February 24:

QUEENSLAND electricity companies will be forced to list carbon tax costs on household power bills under an LNP government...

LNP leader Campbell Newman, campaigning in Brisbane with federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott this morning, said the commitment would ensure Queenslanders could measure the impact of Labor’s carbon tax and green schemes on their cost of living.

He said modelling verified by the NSW Government had shown the cost impost would be about $300 a year.

The Australian, February 25:

Mr Newman said … “It’s bad for jobs and, frankly, if the carbon tax is introduced it will make it even harder for us to achieve our 4 per cent (unemployment) target.”

The LNP says the carbon tax will cost 21,000 jobs in Queensland and hit the state the hardest.

Newman, November 30:

State Labor did not stand up to their federal Labor mates on the carbon tax

LNP policy document on global warming:

Despite the major importance of the mining and resource sectors to Queensland for jobs and tax revenue, the Bligh Labor Government supports the planned Carbon Tax and is not standing up to the Gillard Government on behalf of Queenslanders on this issue.

The LNP has committed to:

Oppose Labor’s great, big, new Carbon Tax.

The LNP’s then Deptuty Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls, March 15:

“Today’s report shows that Queensland is the weakest state in Australia for housing starts,” Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said.

“This tired, 20-year Labor government has slapped those wanting to build a home here with reams of red tape and higher taxes and charges. The Carbon tax which will only make it worse was supported by every Queensland Labor MP.

Tim Nicholls, February 29:

Queensland families have been warned to brace for massive hikes in power bills from Labor’s carbon tax.

Tony Abbott, speaking at Campbell Newman’s campaign launch:

Well, we have a message for the Labor Party today – you do not save the environment by killing the economy. You do not reduce emissions by making it more expensive to watch television or by making it more expensive to run your fridge. You don’t hit the forgotten families of Australia with a carbon tax when they have already suffered enough – and the whole point, the whole point, people of Queensland, of this carbon tax is to price coal out of use. And on the government’s own figures, coal drops from 80 per cent to just 10 per cent of Australia’s power generation under the carbon tax. But mining, people of Queensland, is 10 per cent of your economy, and mining means coal.

In fact, the LNP attacked the carbon tax again and again and again.

Why did so many commentators assume or assert it had not?


Global warming alarmist Ross Garnaut was right:

… climate change is expected to increase the risk of extreme events.

Tell Queensland Labor all about it.

Herald Sun

One response to “Andrew Bolt: Correction: Newman did campaign on that tax

  1. Expect another “extreme event” at the federal election. And Labour (and the Greens) will again be finding all manner of reasons (other than the carbon tax) for their losses.

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