Joe Bastardi: Cherry Pie or Baloney sandwich?

In a piece of defensive journalism from Tom Yulsman of the Boulder Stand challenges the Stand Climate skeptics on record heat: have a nice big slice of cherry pie

He claims we are cherry picking when sites like Climate Depot ably compile evidence that the world is cooling even as the US has a non winter and record March.  It really frosts advocacy journalists when we have a comeback to their attempt to use extremes of all types and weather elsewhere to counter their attempts to use and extreme event, month or even season to drive home their ideology. NCAR is no objective source anymore thanks to government largesse.

In actual fact we have gone not just a decade without warming, but really no statitistically significant changes have occurred for a full 17 years globally in sharp contrast to IPCC projections. Recall none other than Ben Santer of LLL had said it falsification of AGW needed not a few years, not even a full decade but 17 years of non-warming.  Even with massive still ongoing after climategates manipulation of the data to induce false warming, the data from the site the author recommends (Wood for Trees) does exactly that – falsify man made global warming. The 17 years started in a cold period and ended in a cold period with three El Nino spikes in between. We end the period 0.3C colder than we began.


One response to “Joe Bastardi: Cherry Pie or Baloney sandwich?

  1. chuck in st paul

    Are you $h!tting me? WE are cherry picking the data?!? My goodness, we’d be pikers compared to Briffa, Mann, the Hadley CRU, et al on that score. Briffa’s my favorite – just three trees out of three massive forest cuts totaling over 100 trees – a particular three trees… the ONLY THREE that supported the warming claim.

    I also love the way the talking heads always say something like, “the hottest on record,” always forgetting that ‘the record’ only seems to go back to the end of the Little Ice Age. So then, one would expect the temps to rise just to get back to normal. duh.

    [so when do the villagers start the pitchforks and torches? I’ve laid in extra popcorn and Valu-rite vodka. (to the sound of “Chestnuts Roasting…”) Warmists roasting on a Mann-made fire… etc.]

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