President Continues Frantic Response to High Gasoline Prices

After speeches the last three weeks (reported here,here, and here) on why he isn’t to blame for high gasoline prices, I thought President Barack Obama would be moving on to other issues.  But in a sign of how desperate the White House is becoming about the threat gas prices pose to the President’s re-election, the President on Thursday, 15th March, gave yet another speech on the topic.

At Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland, a few miles east of Washington, D. C., Mr. Obama took credit (completely undeservedly) for increasing domestic oil production, but then argued that increasing oil production won’t solve the problem of high gasoline prices.  According to the President, the only lasting solution is to continue pouring taxpayer dollars into subsidizing alternatives to oil.  Once we replace gasoline and diesel with other fuels, then we will have solved the problem of recurring spikes in gasoline prices.

The problem with the President’s argument is that the alternatives are likely to cost more, not less, than the oil they are replacing.  That is certainly the case with ethanol.  And hybrid electric vehicles still take many years of gas savings to pay for their much higher prices.

President Obama lashed out at those who disagree with him: “If some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the Flat Earth Society.  They would not have believed that the world was round.”

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3 responses to “President Continues Frantic Response to High Gasoline Prices

  1. The reference to flat earth is an insult to his, we will call them believers. It says they are unable to understand underlying principles of a world wide commodity such as oil or he is unable to articulate them in an understandable manner so they need or he can only give them a slogan. It also says he recognizes that they will not realize that when he was not president he actuallly blamed the president for high prices.

    And has anyone else realized that he has found the ulltimate “Green” energy, algae?

  2. At the time of Columbus the Consensus was that the world was flat.

    • Silberstein, Jek

      Dave, You’re correct! The DANGER of Consensus, is that it is a Majority OPINION, and most thought the Earth was flat. What the analogy also misses, is that Spain had just kicked the Moors out {with their “religion of Piece”–Oppose Islam, and we’ll cut you in pieces! Haven’t changed much, since 1492, have they?}, and miraculously, the Islamists had left their gold/other wealth behind, so Spain was “Flush”, as if they’d been fracking for years and had become an OPEC nation like we could be. The REAL point is, Columbus’ Spain was prosperous–ABLE to “invest” in new territory/resources. First become Prosperous, by any good means. THEN use SOME funds to develop green technologies. He ASKED me, what I thought, once, and I told him: DRILL,DRILL,DRILL, and MINE, MINE, MINE, and if he HAD, he’d be coasting to a landslide Victory. –Our country prosperous, the unions happy, millions more at work (in Energy), lots of cheap-gas, people Joyously screaming, “Yes, we Did!”, and the dollar $ound. He instead, listened to his STUPID, Leftist “advisors” who hated all energy & industry (and who won’t want to breathe-out, what with CO2 being a “greenhouse-gas”, so they’ll end-up, green, stupid, out-of-office, Leftist-Puffer-fish, stinking-up Washington!), cars, trucks, & toys, and Nobama’ll have to pack his bags and slip out of town. He also listened to the Bilderbergers, and is still trying to shut this country down using the EPA, because Nobama is a Globalist first,–US Prez, second, imo. He would have shut-us-down, already, but for Canadian gas already going south through smaller pipes than the one that they were going to build, plus shale-gas on PRIVATE LAND (shale-gas on Public-land leases is being shut-down via Over-Regulation,imo). Leases for off-shore sites experience a “Round-Robin” of Eco-NAZI lawsuits on bogus environmental issues, imo. Jim Inhofe’s new book is great “The Global Warming Hoax”, and we ALSO have to prevent law-suits against our oil/gas operations, because the Greens don’t CARE that its a Hoax,–they’ll still sue, because lawsuits stop drilling/extraction.

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